Inside Birmingham’s Children Hospital.
Birmingham NHS Children’s Hospital

Creating a calm and secluded place for palliative care

Project at a glance

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Marshdale Construction
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Magnolia House, Birmingham NHS Children’s Hospital
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Project requirements:

Safe, optimal and comfortable levels of heat.

The first of its kind in the UK and funded entirely by charitable donations, Magnolia House sets the benchmark for palliative and bereavement care across the country, ensuring devastating news is delivered in a calm and secluded place rather than clinical offices, empty cubicles or even playrooms, of the days gone past.

Birmingham’s Children Hospital lounge area.

The project

With over 100 life-changing conversations taking place with patients and families every year at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the directive for the Magnolia House project was to create a home-from-home safe haven, where families can spend as long as they need together, before they feel ready to face the world.

Birmingham’s Children Hospital lounge area.

Located in a central part of the hospital, Magnolia House consists of two private counselling rooms; a calming lounge area; a stylish kitchen and dining area; a siblings play area; and a peaceful, landscaped garden where families can sit and reflect. It also has a private, large family room complete with its own bathroom, kitchen and garden.

Every element has been designed hand-in-hand with families, from the pastel-coloured interior and the comfortable furniture, to the floor-to-ceiling windows that allow for lots of natural light, through to the underfloor heating that creates a warm and comfortable ambience.

Birmingham’s Children Hospital courtyard.

Our involvement

Creating a space that provides comfort to families during such challenging times takes the utmost care, attention and respect.

Working closely with Marshdale Construction before, during and after installation, JG Speedfit designed an underfloor heating system to create a warm and welcoming environment that complemented the interior design and made the most of useable floor space. As well as providing optimal levels of heat, JG Speedfit underfloor reduces airborne allergens and has no sharp edges or hot surfaces, making it safer for little hands than traditional radiator networks.

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