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Dunston Grange Barns

Delivering comfort, style and interior design freedom

Project at a glance

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Lynnic Associates
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Dunston Grange Barns, Derbyshire, UK
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Project requirements:

A heating solution that could be incorporated into the building structure and integrated with existing radiator stock.

Developed by Lynnic Associates, Dunston Grange Barns is a renovation project defined by aesthetics, comfort and style. Situated in picturesque Derbyshire and extending to 1.4 acre, the development includes an ultra modern Dutch Barn mixed with renovations of eight traditional Derbyshire stone barns.

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The project

As the design relies heavily on space, a heating solution was required that could be incorporated into the building structure and integrated with existing radiator stock. Maximum comfort and energy efficiencies were also key deliverables.

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Complete comfort and interior design freedom

Suitable for large installations and irregularly shaped rooms, JG Speedfit specified the use of its screeded staple UFH system in conjunction with Layflat Pipe. Using the screed as a heat diffuser, the ultra flexible pipe was secured with staples to rigid insulation panels placed over the concrete subfloor. With warm air now rising from the floor, the solution provides the homeowner with ultimate comfort and ensures no warm air is wasted. The silent-running UFH solution also gives added comfort by reducing noise.

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A seamless network of wireless radiator controls

The integration of the existing radiator stock within a centrally controlled system was made possible by the new JG Aura Wireless Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV), which is designed to efficiently regulate the hot water to each radiator in the house. The JG Aura TRVs simply replaced the manual radiator valves in the properties, which made installation quick and easy, with no wet plumbing work necessary. Controlled wirelessly by a JG Aura thermostat in every room, the TRVs send a signal to the JG Aura Network, which turns the boiler off when the desired room temperature is reached.

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Remotely regulate heating with a single solution

To provide a more flexible and efficient way to regulate the UFH and central heating system, JG Aura heating controls were installed. JG Aura enables homeowners to set heating time and temperature within each individual room resulting in considerable energy savings, as unoccupied areas are not heated, or only heated at specific times. Optimised by an online App, the JG Aura Network can be controlled from anywhere in the world using a PC, smart phone or tablet.

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Easy to install thanks to expert advice and support

Speedfit provided expert advice throughout the entire project including guidance on how to best incorporate the system within the original build plan, where Speedfit produced CAD drawings to show how the installation should be completed. Installation took less than a day allowing the renovation project to be completed on schedule.

The JG Aura controlled underfloor heating by Speedfit perfectly complements our contemporary Dutch Barn. The installation was intuitive and straightforward, allowing us to have the system up and running with minimal support from Speedfit. The homeowners can now fully control the room temperatures from their smart phones, which is both convenient and efficient.

Steve Corrigan, Owner & MD, Lynnic Associates

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