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Taking automotive up a gear

Project at a glance

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Project requirements:

Push-fit fittings for high-pressure power steering systems with ability to handle very high pressures of up to 120 bar.

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Project solutions:

John Guest Automotive push-fit range

Ferrari is a symbol of excellence and exclusivity, their cars are built uniquely to showcase innovation, technology and performance. The Italian sports car manufacturer has a strong foothold in the world of international car racing and has a record breaking presence in Formula 1, having completed 900+ grands prix. It also remains to be the only car manufacturer to have taken part in every single edition of the Formula 1 World Championship since its launch.

A row of Ferraris in production

The project

All Ferrari models are unique, but their engineering excellence and driving performance makes them all a part of the same family. When Ferrari was building an entirely new design for its 458 and California models there was great emphasis on bringing a whole new level of experience for the drivers, and that’s where the brand looked for new partners that shared the same engineering mindset as them.

A Ferrari car in production on the assembly line.

Our involvement

John Guest were the first to develop a plastic push-fit fitting for the automotive sector back in the 1980s. Since then it has become an integral component of several well known automotive designs.

Great similarities in John Guest and Ferrari’s engineering and manufacturing ethos gave the latter confidence to specify John Guest’s push-fit fittings for the high-pressure power steering systems in their 458 and California models. The product was originally designed in the mid-90s for the parent company, Fiat Group.

A Ferrari on the road.

With John Guest connectors the High Pressure Kit could withstand pressures of up to 120 bar, meeting all Fiat specifications for the application. This made these push-fit fittings an essential component of Fiat’s sports models, which was enough to entice Ferrari. Ever since John Guest’s fittings have been specified, Ferrari’s production has benefitted by making its assembly line more efficient and extremely reliable.

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