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Parbold, Lancashire

Smart, energy efficient underfloor heating

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GPH Plumbing & Heating
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Parbold, Lancashire
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Project requirements:

Energy efficient underfloor heating with smart controls.

GPH Plumbing & Heating was recently commissioned to install an integrated heating solution at a newly constructed property in the picturesque village of Parbold, Lancashire. Boasting an extensive kitchen and lounge, the detached two-storey residence consists of five bedrooms.

JG Aura Thermostat

The project

With the aim of being as energy efficient as possible, GPH fitted JG Underfloor Heating and JG Aura Heating Controls on the ground floor. The next phase of the project involved specifying a similar energy saving solution to control the radiators on the second floor.

Taking JG Aura to the next level

Following an onsite consultation with a Speedfit Technical Sales Engineer, the Wireless Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) was identified as the best solution for regulating radiators, especially as it uses the same JG Aura Heating Controls as the UFH.

By combining the TRVs with a Wireless Thermostat the homeowner can easily control the time and temperature of individual radiators. Once a room reaches the desired temperature the thermostat sends a signal to turn off the TRV and the boiler. With the system programmed to only heat occupied rooms at specified times it delivers considerable energy and cost savings.

Speedfit recommended using the free JG Aura App – available on smart phones, tablets or desktops – along with the Wireless Hub to give the homeowner freedom to control their heating no matter where they are.

A quick and easy hassle-free installation

GPH found the battery powered TRVs quick and easy to install, as it needed no wiring or wet plumbing and the valves automatically adapted to fit the radiators. In fact, it only took 15 minutes to fit the valves and complete the adaption process on all 8 radiators.

Each room was fitted with a 230v mains powered Wireless Thermostat, which was simple to wire with just two connections (L&N). A Boiler Receiver was also fitted to communicate with the boiler.

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Seamless wireless network

The Aura Coordinator was used to automatically pair all the components to the wireless network. This was achieved in a matter of seconds as the coordinator requires no wiring and is simply plugged into a mains socket.

Using the on-screen menu, the thermostat was set on PRT (Programmable Room Thermostat) mode and to pair with a TRV. By pressing the pairing button on the corresponding TRV for 10 seconds the connection was completed. Once registered on the thermostat the coordinator locked the TRV on to the network (3 TRVs per thermostat). The final step was to program the heating.

Having full control of the radiators will deliver fuel savings, as many rooms are not used all the time. The whole installation was simple as the thermostats found the radiators and synched together very quickly. The homeowner found the thermostats easy to understand as information is clearly displayed on the screen. They also added that the JG Aura App was very user friendly.

Mark Gibson, GPH Plumbing & Heating

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