John Guest’s new Direct Buried range transforms blown fibre installations

Blown fibre new range

John Guest – part of RWC’s family of brands – has launched a new range of ultra-transparent Direct Buried Blown Fibre Straight Connectors.

Designed to ensure successful microduct installations under the toughest conditions, this robust range of plastic push-fit fittings addresses key challenges faced by the rapidly expanding fibre networks across the UK.

Packed with innovation, the new connectors have many advantages over existing microduct solutions. Featuring a revolutionary design, the ultra-transparent fitting offers 30J impact resistance and patented technology to ensure uninterrupted smooth fibre passage, as well as John Guest’s trusted push-fit technology for a fast, simple and secure installation. With 30J impact resistance these fittings exceed the industry standard of 15J and provide heavy-duty performance under extreme conditions.

There is a huge demand for reliable data and bandwidth, even more so as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With our new range of connectors, we are uniquely placed to support this rapidly growing sector.

Our new JG Blown Fibre Direct Buried range, designed and manufactured in the UK, is built to withstand harsh underground conditions and rigorous civil engineering practices. It offers faster deployment speeds and helps to achieve successful installation first time.

Phil Lacey, Specialty Sales Director at RWC
A John Guest direct buried push-fit fitting.

The new range of connectors feature an integral collet locking mechanism, which can be locked and unlocked with a simple rotation to ensure secure connection each time. Completely tool-free to connect and disconnect, it makes installations much faster than ever. And the fittings’ transparent body allows engineers to easily check that the microduct connection has been secured. The JG Blown Fibre Direct Buried range is available in 7 to 20mm sizes.

“Having developed the first push-fit fitting for use in blown fibre and cable pressurisation systems over three decades ago, our new JG Blown Fibre Direct Buried range continues our journey to shape the future of FTTH/FTTP installations,” said Phil. “In the years to come, we will see a major overhaul in existing fibre cabling and infrastructure, not just to offer faster internet speeds but to meet ever-growing technology needs. Our new fittings will act as a game changer in simplifying installations by making them faster, reducing connection or snagging issues and providing long-term reliability.”

For more about the JG Blown Fibre Direct Buried range here.