New SharkBite Air & Pneumatics range cuts compressed air set up times by 50%

New SharkBite Air range

SharkBite, part of RWC’s family of brands, now offers a new range of brass push-fit fittings and anodised aluminium pipe to simplify small to large commercial and industrial compressed air installations. The highly reliable brass and plastic push-fit systems from RWC’s SharkBite and JG Speedfit’s brands complement each other to make installers’ lives easier, improve efficiency and performance of air-rings, and reduce set up times by up to 50% in comparison to conventional methods.

Specially designed for small to large commercial and industrial applications, SharkBite has introduced a heavy-duty push-fit air piping system that can go up to 20 bar and exceeds industry standards for added peace of mind. This system is a welcome solution to traditional challenges in the industry, such as lengthy installation times, pipework corrosion, pressure drops and leaks that lead to higher energy costs.

The brass push-fit compressed air system is available in sizes varying from 10mm up to 54mm, and includes a tamperproof design for secure demounting. The range also includes a 45° elbow for better air flow and reduced pressure drops in the airline.

Phil Lacey, UK Specialty Sales Director at RWC said, “Customers face a number of performance related issues with copper and steel compressed air installations. These systems are prone to corrosion and degrade over time, resulting in leaks and pressure drops, which impact energy consumption, equipment lifecycle and user efficiency. Maintenance and servicing of conventional installations is also a challenge and comes with lengthy downtimes, as the pipes and fittings need to be threaded, crimped, soldered or glued together.

“We’ve overcome all of these concerns with our SharkBite Air & Pneumatics range. Installation is much faster, and connections can be made without tools with just a simple push-fit action. The brass fittings and anodised aluminium pipes are highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring optimal flow and air quality, while extending system and equipment lifecycle and efficiency.”

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The new SharkBite Air & Pneumatics solutions complement RWC’s existing John Guest lightweight plastic push-fit fittings and pipe range designed for small to mid-size applications up to 10 bar, such as garages and commercial systems. Both plastic and brass push-fit systems are highly suitable for the current trend of flexible factories, where factory layouts need to adapt and change quicker than ever before with minimal downtime. All fittings and pipe can be easily demounted, and then altered, extended or modified in seconds. These solutions are also inherently sustainable – the pipes and fittings are reusable and interchangeable, with accreditations from UKAS and BCAS.

With SharkBite and John Guest Air & Pneumatics, we now have two world-class, reliable push-fit solutions to suit all compressed air and pneumatics applications,” said Phil. “Downtime will be a thing of the past, and pipelines can be reconfigured in just seconds, rather than hours or days.

Phil Lacey, UK Specialty Sales Director at RWC

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