Tube Insert

Tube insert
15mm Pipe Insert
Tube Insert (Metric)
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Creates a rigid connection when fitting pipework into a John Guest fitting for potable liquid or hot water applications

John Guest pipe inserts play a vital role in providing extra support to pipework, ensuring that the ends of the pipe are kept nice and round, and minimising any loss of shape that can occur when cutting. Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Features and benefits

  • Enhances sealing for a securer connection
  • Maintains structural integrity of the pipe connection
  • Helps make the pipe more rigid when a side load is applied
  • Suitable for hot and cold water and central heating systems
  • Compatible with soft metal or plastic pipe/tubing
SKUDescriptionTube OD ″Tube OD mmTube ID ″
TSI250SJohn Guest Tube Insert 1⁄4″3⁄81⁄4
TSI312SJohn Guest Tube Insert 5⁄16″3⁄85⁄16
TSI375SJohn Guest Tube Insert 3⁄8″1⁄23⁄8
TSM10NJohn Guest Tube Insert 10mm10
TSM15NJohn Guest Tube Insert 15mm15
TSM1209SJohn Guest Tube Insert 12mm12