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JG Speedfit push-fit plumbing & heating

Make fast, simple and secure connections with our push-fit fittings, valves and pipes for plumbing and heating.

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Get fast and leak-tight connections first time, every time, with JG Speedfit’s easy to install push-fit plumbing and heating system. Using a unique blend of push-fit and multi-seal technology, Speedfit can be installed and demounted in seconds without the need for tools or hot works.

From straights, elbows and tees to ultra-flexible pipe, service valves and tap connectors, we have everything you need to complete your job in no time. JG Speedfit is suitable for hot and cold water and central heating systems.

A JG Speedfit elbow fitting.


Plastic and brass push-fit fittings and manifolds that provide leakproof connections and fast and simple installation, without using tools or hot works.
A JG Speedfit push fit ball valve

Push-fit Valves

Plastic, brass and chrome-plated push-fit tap connectors, shut off valves, service valves and check valves for quick and easy install, repair and maintenance work.
Braided and PVC Flexi Hoses

Flexi Hoses

PVC and braided metal push-fit flexi hoses for the quick and secure connection of taps to hot and cold water – with or without integral service valves.
A reel of JG Speedfit pipe.


Ultra-flexible plastic push-fit pipe that makes pipe runs and cabling quicker and easier, reducing leak points and delivering substantial labour and cost-savings.
A JG Speedfit MDPE T Fitting.

MDPE Fittings

Hardwearing MDPE plastic push-fit fittings that speed up the connection of underground cold water mains.
A JG Speedfit pipe cutter.


A wide range of accessories for plumbing and heating, including pipe cutters, pipe clips, collets, O-Rings and more.
Locks tight. Lays flat.

Pioneering push-fit technology

From our pioneering push-fit plumbing and heating system to our latest tool-free service valves and tap connectors, JG Speedfit technology is trusted by millions across the globe.

See inside our unique push-fit and multi-seal technology.

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JG Underfloor

Eager to learn about UFH? Get your free eGuide.

When it comes to underfloor heating, there’s a lot to consider, which is why we’ve created an Installer’s Guide to Underfloor Heating, helping you to navigate the intricacies of every project.

UFH eGuide screens

Super fast. Super simple. Super secure.

Whether you are working on a new build or a repair, maintenance or improvement job, you can be sure JG Speedfit will provide an instant leak-tight connection.  Our push-fit plumbing and heating system also comes with a 50-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

Leakproof icon.

High performance leakproof connections

Reliable connections using a perfect blend of push-fit and multi-seal technology.

No tools icon on yellow

Install, demount and refit in seconds, without tools

40% faster to install than traditional methods and fully demountable without tools.

No hot works icon.

Safer and cleaner with no hot works, flux or glue

No need for a blowtorch means less risks and mess associated with soldering joints.

Tight spaces icon.

Less labour-intensive, especially in tight spaces

Instant and tool-free connections make it easier to manoeuvre in awkward spaces.

Non toxic icon.

Non-toxic, resists corrosion and scale build-up

Ensures optimal flow and quality, while extending system lifecycle and efficiency.

Plastic or copper pipe icon.

Compatible with plastic or copper pipe

Versatile solution that is compatible with plastic and copper pipe, or a mixture of both.

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An icon of quality

Billions of our products are trusted worldwide, thanks to our innovative design, engineering excellence and rigorous testing.

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Over 60 years of innovation

Improving performance and efficiency by transforming the way pipe and tube connections are made.


Here are some helpful resources. All our other resources including install guides, brochures, data sheets, case studies and videos can be found in the resource centre.

Watch Time-Trial: Copper vs Plastic on YouTube.

Watch our Time-Trial: Copper vs Plastic Push-fit

With JG Speedfit you can make reliable connections over four times faster than soldering.


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Case studies

Discover how our JG Speedfit solutions are transforming productivity and efficiency with our latest case studies. All of our other case studies can be found in our resource centre.

Chobham manor

Chobham Manor

Find out how Chobham Manor used our products to overcome installation challenges and reduce overall water consumption.

Littleport case study


Learn how Littleport used our tool-free push-fit connections to ensure the project was delivered on time and to a high-quality standard.

Bilton Farm

Bilton Farm

See how Bilton Farm used our plumbing and heating system to speed up installation and provide reliable and safe water flow.

For over a decade, we have come to rely on JG Speedfit as our preferred push-fit pipework system supplier. From day one and still to this today, the system has proven itself as a dependable partner, ensuring leak-free installations and earning the trust of our clients - many of which now specify JG Speedfit. We proudly endorse Speedfit to our industry peers, confident that its high performance, reliability and excellent customer support will continue on into our next decade of installations.

Adam Skelly, Operations Director, Warren Contracting Services (NW) Ltd

Speedfit Layflat pipe is easy to use which makes installation quick. My installers love using it. In addition, the speed at which my team can install the fittings makes the whole installation of Speedfit much faster than anything else.

Steve Parker, Parker Plumbing and Heating

We have been a loyal Speedfit user for many years and their Layflat pipe is a big advantage to us. It is very flexible and makes installation easier and quicker. Speedfit is a brand we can trust and the fittings combined with the pipe make for a quality installation.

Dave Shaw, RWL

The JG Layflat pipe is very flexible, making installation easier and quicker. The fittings are easy to install and the twist and lock mechanism makes installation and alteration so easy. We have been a loyal Speedfit user for many years.

John Woolvine, H20

I love the flexibility of JG Layflat pipe… The fittings are nice & compact plus the fact the same connection is used in so many other applications outside of plumbing gives me real confidence the product is a quality one. I also like the fact I’m supporting products made here in the UK.

Paul Franco, P Franco Plumbing & Heating

I’ve been using JG Layflat for over 15 years. I love the fact that I can buy it anywhere on any day of the week & be guaranteed I’m getting an affordable quality product. The fact I can use the JG fittings on any type of pipe gives me real peace of mind.

Graham Brunt Plumbing

As an installer I always used Speedfit pipe & fittings, so in my new role when we decided to build an underfloor heating system for our training centre, there really was only one choice. The multiple layer construction provides piece of mind & the flexibility is second to none. The fact the fittings can be locked secure by a simple twisting action but can also be easily removed without the use of specialist tools, is really handy.

Gas Training & Assessment

The quality and consistency of Speedfit pipe and fittings has been so good it’s been our preferred choice for the past 20 years, regardless of whether we’re using it on a large new build construction site or an established individual home renovation.

Jarrett Plumbing & Heating

We find JG Layflat pipe flexible and really easy to handle. We use it with Speedfit fittings on day-to-day installs and enjoy using it when completing UFH installs. It is a durable and reliable system.

C Gilmore Plumbing & Heating

I prefer Speedfit plumbing push-fit fittings for their hassle-free installation, eliminating the need for complex tools or soldering. They offer a user-friendly experience, making plumbing projects more accessible, while still ensuring reliable, leak-free connections. I have used this product for over 25 years now.

Paul Mcstein, JSK Plumbing

I never use anything else for my jobs, Speedfit pipe is easy to handle and flexible and their fittings are great. Perfect for my refurb work.

Bourne Plumbing and Heating

Speedfit pipe is easy to work with and saves on joints and fittings. Perfect for putting through joists and speeds up overall time spent on the job.

Horsforth Heating

Easy to use when installing underfloor heating, the pipe is flexible and doesn’t spring back so I don’t have to use as many staples on my returns.

Shell Plumbing and Heating

I like JG Layflat pipe as it's more manageable within underfloor heating installations (saves time). I have been using Layflat since it first came out, a good plus point is it's the same pipe I use in general plumbing for my local house builder installs and it’s well stocked within the merchants I use as well!

Shane Brown, JLS Ltd

I was introduced to JG Layflat on underfloor heating, where I had been using 'another’ grey pipe'. I have found JG Layflat very easy to use, with the Layflat technology an advantage on long runs. I use Layflat on new build work and find it very quick to cable through the joists.

Keith Austin, H20 Plumbing

I’ve recently started using plastic pipe… always been fully copper. So far, I’ve found the Speedfit pipe to be flexible and easy to work with.

AJ Bathrooms

JG Layflat pipe is good quality, easy to use and easily available.

John Manthorpe, DJM Plumbing and Heating

JG Layflat pipe is the best in the market as it's very flexible with clear marks displayed on the pipe of where to cut. So as an installer you know when it is fully inserted into the fitting. On JG Underfloor projects I use the leftover pipe from the job for general plumbing which limits waste and saves money.

Grant Packham, Ginge Plumbing & Heating

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