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Simply converts a PKM or PEM fitting to a Speedfit type connection

Collet Cover

Peace of mind protection from accidental pipe disconnection

Collet Locking Clip

Quickly and securely locks in under the Speedfit collet to prevent accidental disconnection

Release Aid

Quickly and easily demount pipework from a Speedfit fitting

Thread Washer

Durable replacement thread seal for Speedfit tap connectors and FBSP fittings

Cold Forming Bend

Creates a tighter fixed bend than the minimum unsupported plastic pipe allows

Conduit Elbow

Simply connects conduit coupler that creates a 90° bend (free standing or fixed)

Foil Tape

Tough and versatile metallic tape that meets NHBC requirements for concealed in-wall piping

Pipe Cutter

Precisely cuts barrier pipe up to 22mm creating a clean, square pipe end for pipe insertion

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