A reel of JG Speedfit pipe.

JG Speedfit pipe

Time and labour-saving flexible push-fit pipe solutions for plumbing and heating.

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JG Speedfit’s extensive range of plastic push-fit pipe withstands high pressure and makes pipe runs and cabling faster and easier.

We offer a variety of push-fit pipe options suitable for hot and cold water supply, central heating and underfloor heating systems, as well as  protective conduit pipes to blanket pipes installed in concrete or masonry.

Pipes are available in straights or coils and come in different lengths and diameters. Speedfit pipe inserts must always be used when connecting Speedfit polybutylene or PEX pipe to Speedfit or compression fittings.

Pex barrier pipe

PEX Barrier Pipe

Slightly more rigid PEX Barrier pipe that is fast and simple to install.
Conduit pipe

Conduit Pipe

Protective cover or blanket for plastic pipe installed in concrete or masonry.
Two JG Speedfit pipe inserts

Pipe Inserts

Offers extra support to pipework, ensuring pipe ends are kept nice and round.

JG Layflat Pipe

Discover how it’s made, how it performs to the highest standards in our industry and why it’s the professional plumbers’ choice.

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Our range includes flexible plastic push-fit pipe in a variety of coils and straight lengths.

Benefits of JG Speedfit pipe

Our range of Polybutylene and PEX push-fit pipes offer time and labour-saving benefits, especially when compared to traditional methods.

No hot works icon.

Safer and cleaner with no hot works, flux or glue

No need for a blowtorch means less risks and mess associated with soldering joints.


Tight spaces icon.

Less labour-intensive, especially in tight spaces

Push-fit, flexible, and easy to handle material, makes pipe runs and cabling faster and easier.

Less joints icon.

Less joints, less leaks, less call backs

Easily bends without lots of couplings, reducing leak points and saving you time and money.

Renewable heat source icon on yellow

Low heat loss and thermal conductivity

Retains heat longer while providing a safer and cooler surface temperature.


Ultra flexible pipe icon on blue

Optimal flow and high pipe elasticity

Flexible plastic material handles high pressure and reduces the chance of burst pipes.


Non toxic icon on yellow.

Non-toxic, resists corrosion and scale build-up

In built barrier prevents the ingress of air, reducing corrosion and limescale.


JG Layflat pipe is my ultimate hero, as it's really helped in making central heating installations simple and effective. Flexible pipework also means you can complete retrofit projects in record time.

Braden Hockley, Braden Hockley Plumbing & Heating

Speedfit Layflat pipe is easy to use which makes installation quick. My installers love using it. In addition, the speed at which my team can install the fittings makes the whole installation of Speedfit much faster than anything else.

Steve Parker, Parker Plumbing and Heating

We have been a loyal Speedfit user for many years and their Layflat pipe is a big advantage to us. It is very flexible and makes installation easier and quicker. Speedfit is a brand we can trust and the fittings combined with the pipe make for a quality installation.

Dave Shaw, RWL

The JG Layflat pipe is very flexible, making installation easier and quicker. The fittings are easy to install and the twist and lock mechanism makes installation and alteration so easy. We have been a loyal Speedfit user for many years.

John Woolvine, H20

I never use anything else for my jobs, Speedfit pipe is easy to handle and flexible and their fittings are great. Perfect for my refurb work.

Bourne Plumbing and Heating

Speedfit pipe is easy to work with and saves on joints and fittings. Perfect for putting through joists and speeds up overall time spent on the job.

Horsforth Heating

Easy to use when installing underfloor heating, the pipe is flexible and doesn’t spring back so I don’t have to use as many staples on my returns.

Shell Plumbing and Heating

I like JG Layflat pipe as it's more manageable within underfloor heating installations (saves time). I have been using Layflat since it first came out, a good plus point is it's the same pipe I use in general plumbing for my local house builder installs and it’s well stocked within the merchants I use as well!

Shane Brown, JLS Ltd

I love the flexibility of JG Layflat pipe… The fittings are nice & compact plus the fact the same connection is used in so many other applications outside of plumbing gives me real confidence the product is a quality one. I also like the fact I’m supporting products made here in the UK.

Paul Franco, P Franco Plumbing & Heating

I’ve been using JG Layflat for over 15 years. I love the fact that I can buy it anywhere on any day of the week & be guaranteed I’m getting an affordable quality product. The fact I can use the JG fittings on any type of pipe gives me real peace of mind.

Graham Brunt Plumbing

The quality and consistency of Speedfit pipe and fittings has been so good it’s been our preferred choice for the past 20 years, regardless of whether we’re using it on a large new build construction site or an established individual home renovation.

Jarrett Plumbing & Heating

We find JG Layflat pipe flexible and really easy to handle. We use it with Speedfit fittings on day-to-day installs and enjoy using it when completing UFH installs. It is a durable and reliable system.

C Gilmore Plumbing & Heating

I was introduced to JG Layflat on underfloor heating, where I had been using 'another’ grey pipe'. I have found JG Layflat very easy to use, with the Layflat technology an advantage on long runs. I use Layflat on new build work and find it very quick to cable through the joists.

Keith Austin, H20 Plumbing

I’ve recently started using plastic pipe… always been fully copper. So far, I’ve found the Speedfit pipe to be flexible and easy to work with.

AJ Bathrooms

JG Layflat pipe is good quality, easy to use and easily available.

John Manthorpe, DJM Plumbing and Heating

JG Layflat pipe is the best in the market as it's very flexible with clear marks displayed on the pipe of where to cut. So as an installer you know when it is fully inserted into the fitting. On JG Underfloor projects I use the leftover pipe from the job for general plumbing which limits waste and saves money.

Grant Packham, Ginge Plumbing & Heating