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JG Underfloor Heating Controls

Stylish and easy to programme underfloor heating controls and thermostats.

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JG Underfloor Heating Controls are sleek and stylish thermostats that make regulating underfloor heating systems quick and easy.

The underfloor heating thermostat is simple to use and straightforward to program and there is also an option of a stand-alone hot water timer that allows pre-programmed heat cycles, ensuring there's always enough hot water at essential times of day.

Our JG Underfloor wired and wireless underfloor heating controls and thermostats range also offers the option of radiofrequency control, eliminating the need for further wiring from the thermostat to the wiring centre. All underfloor heating thermostats, when used with the JG Underfloor Controls Gateway, can be operated anywhere at any time using the free JG Underfloor app.

JG Underfloor Heating Controls Wireless Thermostat

Wireless Heating Controls

Create a wireless communication network using our range of radiofrequency-controlled thermostats. Battery-powered on mains-wired heating controls available.
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Wired Heating Controls

Control underfloor heating using our simple traditional wired range of thermostats. Use in conjunction with the hot water timer for full control of your heating and hot water network.

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