jg speedfit aura wired

JG Aura heating controls

Stylish and easy to programme heating controls.

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JG Aura is as an easy to programme heating control system for regulating underfloor heating systems, individual radiators and boiler switching.

At the heart of our range is our unique 4-in-1 touchscreen thermostat that can be used as a programmable room thermostat, group control thermostat, group thermostat or hot water timer.

Both our JG Aura wired and wireless heating controls range offer individual and multiroom control, with the wireless range having the added advantage of being internet-enabled so that heating can be controlled anywhere at any time using the free JG Aura app.

A JG Underfloor wireless heating control.

Wireless Heating Controls

Create a smart heating control network using our mains or battery-powered touchscreen thermostats and optional wireless thermostatic radiator valves.
jg speedfit aura wired

Wired Heating Controls

Control heating using mains-powered touchscreen thermostats, traditional dial thermostats or a combination of both.

JG Aura perfectly complements our contemporary Dutch Barn. The installation was intuitive and straightforward.  Homeowners can now fully control the room temperatures from their smartphones, which is both convenient and efficient.

Steve Corrigan, Owner & MD, Lynnic Associates