JG Underfloor: the key to success for professional installers

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Easy installation

The right UFH system can turn a complex job into a straightforward installation. Being compatible with traditional and modern heat sources, as well as having the versatility to integrate with both solid and timber floors, means JG LowFit is a reliable option for both new build and retrofit projects.

Craig Rutter, of Crosby Heating & Gas Services, said: “JG LowFit in one word – gamechanger. An easy to install UFH system and 12mm pipe that’s so flexible and easy to use, it’s a joy to install.”

With systems for both solid and timber floor structures, installers benefit from a familiar system to support every job. JG LowFit castellated panels are designed for ground floor applications and hold either 12mm or 15mm pipe while delivering spacing between 50mm and 200mm, accommodating the specific requirements of individual spaces. Lightweight and simple to install, the panels feature castellations equally spaced to enable a flexible range of pipe layouts. For timber floors, JG LowFit foil panels provide an ideal solution, for carpet, wood, vinyl or linoleum. Its reflective surface ensures even greater heat dispersal and output. If tiling is the desired finish, then JG LowFit mesh faced panels offer a great solution. Pre-grooved to make running pipes as easy as possible, this option allows for tiling directly on top of the panel.

Mark Wilson, from MJW Plumbing Ltd, added: “The JG LowFit Castellated Panel has allowed our business to speed up installation, as well as giving our clients a high heat output within their homes, working well at low input temperatures. Once completed, the floor lift is minimal and, at 19mm, is almost unnoticeable.”

Similarly, Grant Packham at Ginge Plumbing and Heating, said: “The JG LowFit system is easy to install on high-end refurbishment projects, and it is so thin that it does not reduce the room height compared to standard systems.”

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Delivering results

The low operating temperature of underfloor heating systems broadens their compatibility with all typical heat sources – including renewable sources such as heat pumps – making them a sustainable choice that also enhances customer comfort and interior aesthetics.

With the heating system discretely hidden beneath the floor surface, wall space is freed up from radiators, and rooms can be heated more consistently – eliminating cold spots. Alongside more consistent heat coverage and comfort, leveraging a greater surface area than traditional radiator systems means that UFH systems operate more effectively at much lower temperatures – underpinning their efficiency.

Operating between 35°C and 45°C, UFH can deliver optimal output temperatures to adequately heat spaces – all while putting little strain on a property’s heat source. In practice, this lower temperature means they are paired as easily with gas boilers as they are with heat pumps – and can even lead to reductions in energy bills.

Opening up opportunities for installers

As UFH continues to grow in popularity – with sustainability moving further up the agenda – installers can unlock the potential to grow their service offerings.

For Crosby Heating & Gas Services, JG LowFit has supported them to confidently include UFH as part of their offer to customers. Craig Rutter told us: “The system has opened up a new market and JG LowFit is now my go-to system for retrofit heating systems.”

As more homeowners strive to achieve greater levels of efficiency in their properties, plumbing and heating installers will be leaned on more heavily to install highly efficient and future-proof systems. JG LowFit provides a complete solution which, thanks to its ease of installation, can be easily adopted by installers and added into their portfolios.

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Discover more

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