10 minutes with the plumber turned editor

Celia Matthews is the Managing Director of SNG Publishing and the founder of HIP Magazine. She is also a fully qualified plumber with her own plumbing and heating business.

Celia Matthews, Managing Director of SNG Publishing

Celia Matthews, SNG Publishing

How long have you been working in the Heating, Installation and Plumbing industry?

I’ve been working in this industry for about 15 years now.


What’s the biggest change you’ve seen during this time?

I think it has to be the smart controls market. Smart technology has become more popular than it ever has been amongst manufacturers, installers and consumers, so it is definitely going to be the future of this industry.


What does 2017 have in store?

For us, 2017 is going to bring even more engagement with apprentices. HIP Magazine’s biggest event of the year, the HIP UK Heating Apprentice of the Year Competition, is going to include Northern Ireland this year for the first time so we’re really looking forward to seeing the talent the region has to offer. We’re also an Industrial Associate with the CIPHE and we’re working closely with them on their ‘Proud to be a Professional’ campaign this year.


Why do you think people should consider a career in Heating, Installation and Plumbing?

It’s a very fulfilling career and there will always be plenty of work.


What’s your favourite tool?

My Bahco spanners.


Tell us your worst joke?

Q: What did one snowman say to the other?

A: Can you smell carrots?


What five guests would you invite for dinner (past or present)?

I would invite Angela Lansbury, Tony Robbins, God, Marilyn Monroe and Will Smith.


What’s your best New Year’s resolution?

This year’s, which is to do more shopping.


What’s in store for HIP Magazine in 2017?

HIP Magazine is ready to engage with a new group of plumbing and heating students and apprentices as they use our magazine alongside their studies and enter our competitions. We’re enjoying using our social media channels to learn more about our readers and their interests and we’ve built some great relationships with not only the students, apprentices and lecturers that we work with on a regular basis, but also with some key social media figures within the industry, such as James from Plumberparts. We’ve also got some incredible prizes to give away in the new year, both on our website at hip-magazine.co.uk and within the pages of HIP Magazine. Our popular Hall of Shame is still going to feature in each issue, too!


What’s the biggest challenge for installers?

I think it could be the misplaced reputation that the industry can sometimes have. You have to gain a customer’s trust by providing a high standard of work and good customer service to get plenty of work.


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