Seven take-aways from the HB&R Show

John Guest paid a visit to HB&R at London’s ExCel arena. In case you missed it, here’s a selection of the key take-away points from the day. 

HB&R London

HB&R Show 2016

With a chronic housing shortage in the UK and a growing demand for solutions which satisfy requirements around sustainability, the annual Homebuilding and Renovating Show is an absolute must for anybody involved in both new and existing house building projects.

Held at venues across the country, the show brings together a selection of the leading names in the housing industry all under one roof, offering expert advice, products and all round inspiration to help make even the most ambitious plans a reality.

Needless to say, HB&R London 2016 didn’t disappoint and we thought about sharing a few pearls of wisdom that we picked up along the way:


1. Connectivity is the future

The reality is that we’re spending more and more time than ever before in front of our smart devices. The rise of the app has allowed us to control virtually every aspect of our lives and the same applies for the way we use energy. It’s clear that the future of the industry lies in smart controls systems which can be remotely managed via a single app.


2. Show us what you’ve got!

While it’s great talking about key innovations and industry trends, people will always love a good gadget! Practical demonstrations of smart products in action are the best way to bring the technology to life and are a useful way to capture people’s interest.


3. Come one, come all

From self-builders to aspiring renovators, there is something here for everyone. With dozens of experts showcasing thousands of new and innovative products, you can be pretty sure that you’ll learn a trick or two. Be sure to speak to as many people as possible for expert insights around best practice in new build and renovation projects.


4. And if all else fails…

You can always stock up on pens, notepads and other freebies on offer! Although we like to think that people came to our stand for our expert advice and top tips…


5. Top tips you say, tell me more!

People were particularly interested in learning about underfloor heating and energy efficient heating controls so we thought we’d show them our Wireless TRV & Aura solutions. To be fair, they did ask!


6. Much like stand-up comedy…

The overall quality of the speakers was extremely high this year, including our very own Nigel Sanger, who gave a talk on cutting-edge technology which went down a storm. That being said, unless you’re feeling particularly brave and full of banter, it might be best to avoid sitting in the front of row as a few unfortunates did get a bit of a ribbing from our presenters. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


7. The whole thing ran like clockwork (not the orange variety)

From the parking to the coffee, the London HB&R show went off without a hitch thanks to the all-round great organisation.

In case you missed it, why not check out some of the upcoming HB&R shows taking place over the coming months:


Birmingham 23rd – 26th March 2017

Surrey 1st – 7th July 2017


We look forward to seeing you at a HB&R show very soon!


Tell us about your HB&R experience! Who were your favourites? What did you learn? Tweet us @JGSpeedfit


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