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Here you will find expert advice on plumbing and heating installation best practice, latest industry trends and legislation, and practical hints and tips on how to get the job done safely and more efficiently.

Key considerations when installing outside taps

July 08 2021

Five key considerations when installing outside taps   Summer has arrived, which means outside taps and sprinklers will be turned...

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Speed up commercial plumbing with SharkBite push-fit

June 28 2021

Time is money, as many of us are aware, and installers working on complex commercial heating and plumbing projects face...

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Staying happy blog thumbnail

Staying happy and healthy on the job: an installers guide

June 09 2021

The effects of COVID have been felt far and wide, with small business owners feeling the strain. Research from insurance...

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Guide to installing easifit blog thumb

A guide to installing the Easifit TMV

June 02 2021

Thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) are vital for keeping people and water supplies safe. They are regulated by law and have...

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Fitting a TBV blog thumb product shot

How to fit and commission Thermal Balancing Valves: a best practice guide

May 26 2021

Thermal Balancing Valves (TBVs) have an important role to play in the commissioning of any commercial hot water system. As...

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Social Business Growth Blog Thumbnail

5 ways plumbing and heating installers can use social media to grow their business

May 13 2021

For plumbing and heating installers looking to target domestic repairs, maintenance and improvement works, Facebook and Twitter are crucial business...

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Fast Track Commercial Blog Thumbnail

Fast Tracking Commercial Plumbing Projects

May 10 2021

With lockdown restrictions gradually easing, there’s plenty to be optimistic about. For plumbing and heating installers and contractors especially, more...

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Single or double: Check valves and their applications

April 23 2021

From contaminating water to hazardous situations and major disruptions – backflow in homes is bad news. The good news though...

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Choosing the right pipe thumbnail

How to choose the right pipe material for domestic plumbing installations

April 14 2021

When installing pipes in residential spaces, there are different pipe materials available with each having their own benefits and uses....

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Plumber next to expansion vessels

Leak Proof Homes Part 4: Expansion Vessels

March 11 2021

With the world increasingly focused on efficiency and the need to meet carbon reduction goals, it’s important to make sure...

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