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Here you will find expert advice on plumbing and heating installation best practice, latest industry trends and legislation, and practical hints and tips on how to get the job done safely and more efficiently.

Single or double: Check valves and their applications

April 23 2021

From contaminating water to hazardous situations and major disruptions – backflow in homes is bad news. The good news though...

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How to choose the right pipe material for domestic plumbing installations

April 14 2021

When installing pipes in residential spaces, there are different pipe materials available with each having their own benefits and uses....

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Plumber next to expansion vessels

Leak Proof Homes Part 4: Expansion Vessels

March 11 2021

With the world increasingly focused on efficiency and the need to meet carbon reduction goals, it’s important to make sure...

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Three top tips on installing PRVs

February 24 2021

The primary purpose of installing a pressure reducing valve (PRV) is to ensure homeowners’ water systems are kept safe, stable...

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Leak proof plumbing for new builds part 3: plastic push-fit fittings

February 16 2021

Welcome to part 3 of our leak proof plumbing for new builds series, where we’ll be moving onto plumbing the...

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Leak proof homes part 2: underfloor heating

February 09 2021

With news of the government banning the installation of gas boilers in new homes by 2025, installers and contractors need...

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Three ways to safeguard against winter plumbing issues

February 04 2021

With winter well underway, and with the UK experiencing the dreaded second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, it is more...

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Five top tips for plumbing and heating installers in 2021

January 21 2021

A new year means we can all try and put 2020 behind us and focus on making 2021 as great...

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Portrait of male and female trade workers by a van thumbnail

Plumbing – a career to shape a better world

December 10 2020

At RWC, we know just how invaluable plumbing and heating engineers are to society, and how fulfilling this career can...

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PRV held by a plumber with copper pipe connections blog thumbnail

Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit connections – Part 2: 312 Compact PRVs

December 01 2020

At RWC, we are constantly developing new technologies to transform the speed and simplicity of installations. That’s why we have...

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