Introducing Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit connections – Part 1 the Easifit TMV

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As housing demand continues to rise, people are having to live in smaller and smaller spaces. While house builders and renovators are getting clever with their space-saving techniques, it does pose a challenge to plumbing and heating installers who have to work in tighter spaces.

These growing challenges are making compact and easy to install plumbing solutions more desirable than ever. So, at RWC we have developed the first ever Reliance Valves range that features push-fit connections from JG Speedfit, to help plumbing installers address these issues. The new range includes a push-fit version of the ever-popular Easifit TMV that brings together our world-leading water control and push-fit technology, to transform the speed and simplicity of installations.

In this blog, we discuss the benefits of TMVs and how our new push-fit Easifit TMV makes installations under basins, baths and showers even faster and easier.


TMVs: a legislative requirement


TMVs are crucial because they allow hot water to be stored at a constant high temperature to prevent Legionella bacteria from breeding in the system, while ensuring safe water temperature from outlet to prevent scalding injuries. They’re also legally required – legislation introduced in 2012 – Part G of the Building Regulations advises that a TMV needs to be installed in all domestic and commercial new builds and buildings undergoing a ‘change of use’. In fact, we advise plumbers to fit them in all renovations projects as well to protect users from scalding.


Easifit TMV with push-fit connections for hassle-free installations


Bulky, heavy TMVs can be difficult to fit due to smaller spaces in new builds, as well as in renovations where the original installation isn’t compatible with modern standards. And with speed and ease of installation becoming increasingly more important, it is essential for installers to choose a TMV that is up for the challenge.

This is why we have blended our push-fit technology with the Easifit TMV range, which precisely blends hot and cold water to a safe temperature to protect users from scalding. This valve has already received much praise from installers due to its small size because it simplifies installations in tight spaces, such as underneath baths. And by incorporating Speedfit push-fit connections, the Easifit is now a gamechanger for plumbers as you can simply push the pipe into the valve for a leak-free connection, without the need for tools. The valve is lightweight and compact too, so it is much easier to handle in tight spaces.

The Easifit TMV also operates under low-flow rates, making it a more sustainable option for water conservation and helping new builds achieve higher BREEAM ratings.


Make TMV installations faster with the latest innovations


Reliable TMVs are important because they safeguard end-users from scalding while allowing hot water to be stored at a constant high temperature to reduce the risk of water-borne diseases. In times when installers are looking at ways to speed up projects and simplify jobs in tight spaces, easy to install TMVs are much needed.

By combining two of our world-leading technologies with our unique Easifit TMV brings countless benefits to installers in a world where time is money and jobs need to be completed efficiently. These valves make repair and maintenance works much faster too, thanks to our JG Speedfit technology that enables easy demounting and reinstalling without tools.

Find out more about how you can save time and simplify installations with our range of TMVs here.


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