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Taking JG Aura to the next level


Are you looking for underfloor heating downstairs and radiators upstairs, but need individual room control throughout? By combining Speedfit Underfloor Heating with JG Aura Wireless TRVs, you can now achieve individual room control throughout.

Save up to 40% on energy bills

Unlike conventional heating systems the JG Aura Wireless TRV, combined with our digital thermostats, can be programmed to only heat rooms when they are in use and to the desired temperature – delivering huge energy and cost savings. Suitable for new builds and retrofits, simply replace the existing manual radiator head with JG Aura Wireless TRVs to remotely turn radiators on/off.

* Potential savings based on a typical well-insulated house

How it works

Unlike conventional heating, combining JG Wireless TRVs with JG Aura Wireless Thermostats enables users to turn individual radiators on or off and remotely control their boiler at the same time.

(Image of Radiators and Boiler)

To create the JG Aura TRV heating system, you will need a wireless TRV, thermostat, boiler receiver and a coordinator.

1 . Install and wire the JG Aura Boiler Receiver

2 . Remove the TRV heads and replace with the JG Aura Wireless TRV heads

3 . Plug the JG Aura Coordinator into a mains socket and simply press the button to start the pairing process

4 . Pair JG Aura Thermostat to TRV

From start to finish, the entire process takes less than a couple of hours to complete.

A full list of system components can be found at or in our trade price list.