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The Best of Plumbing – Our Favourite Projects

December 18 2019

As the year draws to a close, we’ve been thinking about some of our favourite plumbing projects over...

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What plumbers can learn from electricians

What can plumbers learn from electricians?

December 02 2019

As economic, environmental and industry trends drive the built environment, we’re shifting towards a new era of plumbing, but old...

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Simplifying Bathroom Installations

November 12 2019

With bathroom designs, housing and consumer needs having changed beyond recognition over the years, installers must be prepared for evolution...

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Zone your home in time for Winter

October 29 2019

Building your future family home, or a property to retire in? In our latest blog, we share tips on how...

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The Need for Sustainable Heating

October 15 2019

With the self-build market on the rise, homeowners are always looking at what to consider when selecting smart heating solutions...

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3 Essential Finishing Touches for Underfloor Heating Installations

November 21 2018

Effective underfloor heating (UFH) requires attention to detail. In the final stages of a project, it’s easy to forget the...

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Why should plumbing installers use push-fit MDPE fittings?

November 07 2018

A leak in the water main is never good news, particularly if it’s underground. For the homeowner, it signals a...

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What are the most unusual applications of John Guest’s Push-Fit Technology?

September 27 2018

Wherever you go around the world, you will find pipes. What is becoming more common however, is the use of...

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Why plastic push-fit plumbing is crucial in the utility room

September 24 2018

As plumbers and installers, we’re used to getting into tight and awkward positions. This is especially true of the utility...

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Flexi hoses solve second fix plumbing problems

Bending to Your Will: How Flexi Hoses can Solve Second-fix Plumbing Problems.

August 24 2018

Overtime and stress are two words that plumbers know too well. In a survey by Watersafe, it was discovered that...

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