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Here you will find expert advice on plumbing and heating installation best practice, latest industry trends and legislation, and practical hints and tips on how to get the job done safely and more efficiently.

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Introducing Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit connections – Part 1 the Easifit TMV

October 13 2020

As housing demand continues to rise, people are having to live in smaller and smaller spaces. While house builders and...

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Make kitchen plumbing simple and easy with the right pipes, valves and fittings

September 24 2020

According to LABC Warranty’s analysis of UK house sizes, the average house built from 2010 onwards is 4m² smaller than...

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Commercial plumbing made faster and easier with SharkBite

September 14 2020

‘Build back better, build back greener, build back faster’ was the government’s pledge during their ‘A New Deal for Britain’...

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The RWC COVID-19 plumbing and heating survey

September 03 2020

It has been an extraordinary year. With the coronavirus pandemic affecting businesses across the globe, we’ve been looking at how...

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Top tips on how to balance commercial hot water systems with TBVs

August 18 2020

Hot water systems are vital to commercial and healthcare buildings as hundreds of people rely on instant hot water, whether...

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Reduce the risk of backflow in commercial buildings with RPZ Valves

August 11 2020

Adequately protecting water supplies from backflow is crucial for the undisrupted operations of commercial and public use buildings. In this...

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Modern bathroom installations – what products to use and how to hide pipework

August 06 2020

Plumbers can simplify modern bathroom installations by using innovative pipes, valves and fittings. Find out more.

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Prevent Legionella from breeding in dead legs of the pipework

July 29 2020

In this blog, we’ll explain where water can stagnate in commercial systems and measures to prevent legionella from breeding in dead legs of your pipework.

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A tradesman stood at the side of his van using a digital tablet and smart phone

Getting plumbing and heating back on track

July 14 2020

Here are some of our top tips on how to carry out work safely on-site, as well as information on the latest regulations that may lead to new opportunities for ...

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Fast track domestic plumbing with smarter solutions

July 03 2020

As lockdown continues to ease and the nation gets back to work, many plumbing and heating installers are facing a...

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