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Here you will find expert advice on plumbing and heating installation best practice, latest industry trends and legislation, and practical hints and tips on how to get the job done safely and more efficiently.

COVID-19: How can installers stay safe?

April 07 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis further develops, it is crucial that installers keep themselves and their customers protected and safe while carrying out essential work...

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RWC supporting essential trades during COVID-19

April 06 2020

During times of crisis, even when most people are asked to stay indoors, there are certain services that need to continue running to keep the public safe, heal...

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Say no to backflow – Backflow prevention tips

March 24 2020

Backflow prevention is crucial in both residential and commercial buildings, as it ensures the safety and hygiene of water. When water is contaminated, it can ...

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Underfloor heating best practices

March 04 2020

It may come as no surprise, but the demand for underfloor heating (UFH) is increasing. Acc...

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Safety first with TMVs

February 11 2020

Water safety is paramount for domestic, commercial and public buildings in the UK, and installers, architects, contractors and specifiers all have a duty o...

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Simplifying installations for new plumbers

Simplifying installations for new plumbers

January 20 2020

In the world we live today, time is money and that very well applies to the plumbing industry. Every customer expects jobs to be Read more

The best of plumbing – Our favourite projects

December 18 2019

As the year draws to a close, we’ve been thinking about some of our favourite plumbing projects over...

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What plumbers can learn from electricians

What can plumbers learn from electricians?

December 02 2019

As economic, environmental and industry trends drive the built environment, we’re shifting towards a new era of plumbing, but old...

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Simplifying bathroom installations

November 12 2019

With bathroom designs, housing and consumer needs having changed beyond recognition over the years, installers must be prepared for evolution...

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Zone your home in time for winter

October 29 2019

Building your future family home, or a property to retire in? In our latest blog, we share tips on how...

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