Underfloor heating in just one room!

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October 05 2017

Installers can now benefit from greater ease of installation and improved performance of underfloor heating (UFH) systems in individual rooms following the launch of Room Packs by JG Speedfit.

Underfloor heating solution in one room

While conventional multi-room UFH projects can be installed with individual heating circuit in each room and central manifold, wiring centre and pump pack, the approach is less suitable while installing UFH in just one room.

In response to the growing demand for installing UFH in just one room, JG Speedfit has developed new and improved Room Packs. These combine a pump, adjustable mixing valve, isolation valves and an auto switching thermostat in one convenient unit, to make wiring simple. Suitable for use in rooms of up to 30m², the units contain everything an installer needs to set-up a dedicated heating circuit for UFH.

Building on the success of JG Speedfit’s previous design, the Room Packs have been revamped to offer enhanced functionality and ease of installation. They feature a more powerful, energy-efficient pump than their predecessor and a built in adjustable temperature sensor that turns on the unit when hot water flows from the boiler. So all that is required to wire up the Room Packs is a connection to mains electricity. Not only does this save time, it passes on energy and cost savings to the user. The inclusion of a pump test switch also makes commissioning easy.

Nigel Sanger, Divisional Director – Technical Support at JG Speedfit, explained: “As more and more people become aware of the benefits of underfloor heating, we identified an opportunity to make life easier for installers. By designing our systems for maximum ease of installation, we are helping installers to become more efficient while maximising the performance of underfloor heating systems. The improved testing capability ensures that systems are configured correctly, first time, resulting in highly efficient underfloor heating systems.”

For further information on underfloor heating solutions, please visit: SpeedfitUFH.co.uk