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Speedfit Slip Connector Burst Pipe Repair Fitting

Slip connectors are the fastest and easiest way to repair a burst or damaged pipe. For repairs to Cooper, PEX or CPVC.  Incorporates Twist-to-Lock feature for added security. Damaged section of the pipe is removed, the slip end slides completely over one side of pipe and then is connected to the other section of pipe. Fast and easy to use - does not need tools, soldering, glue or clamps. Approved for behind-the-wall applications and can be used for permanent installations.

Features and benefits: 
  • Twist-to-Lock Technology  
  • For use with Copper, PEX, and CPVC  
  • No tools, soldering, glue or clamps  
  • Can be installed on wet lines.  
  • Approved for behind-the-wall applications with no access panel  
  • 25-year warranty

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