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Acetal Collet / Body with EPDM O-ring

JG Cartridge Systems are an easy and cost-effective way of incorporating a push-fit connection into a wide range of OEM equipment.  

Easy to assemble and compact, push-in connections avoid the need for threaded ports, offer improved product appearance, easy tube connection and reduced envelope size. Plastic Half Cartridges consists of three components: a collet, a plastic body and O-ring. Plastic Half Cartridges are only recommended for use with plastic and soft metal housing materials. JG Push-fit technology makes connecting tubing quick and easy. Customers should make sure cartridges are suitable for their applications, housing material and operating conditions.

Features and benefits:   
  • Low assembly effort  
  • For use with plastic or copper OD sized tubing  
  • Lead Free, Food Grade materials  
  • Quick and easy connection/disconnection  
  • NSF 51 and NSF61 listed  
  • Half Cartridges are intended for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers. They are only supplied in bulk quantities, refer to product catalog.
  • For assembly instruction and cavity detail please refer to product catalog.
Working pressure and temperature:  

Sizes 5/32-5/16 in. (4 – 8 mm.)

  • Max. 230 psi at 68° F 
  • Max. 150 psi at 150° F 

Sizes 3/8-1/2 in. (10 – 12 mm.) 

  • Max. 150 psi at 68° F 
  • Max. 100 psi at 150° F 

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