Functional Valves

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John Guest Functional valves for Jetseal Maintenance Free Tanks

John Guest products deliver a real quality advantage with resultant savings to cost and asset overhead. The technology is readily incorporated into a wide spectrum of products. Our design team will work closely with you on a project to ensure the outcomes fit closeley with initial briefs.

Jetseal are a leading design & production company with value for money and maintenance-saving at the core of their objectives. Their product range includes water tanks, and cisterns that also conserve water, Jetseal uses John Guest functional valves for factory fitment to their Jetseal range of patented float valves, Maintenance Saver WC cisterns, syphons and Eco-System pre-insulated water storage tanks.

The adoption of John Guest product has delivered bench mark quality and a guaranteed service to enable the company to focus on its real task – supplying maintenance & defect free product, to meet the demands of major Housing Authorities & Associations, Hotel Chains, Hospitals and helps them save on costly ongoing maintenance and unnecessary replacement.

There is no longer the need to purchase plumbing products with a built-in ongoing maintenance factor. John Guest is proudly associated with Jetseal whose simple patented answer, gives enormous savings to the trade and end users on maintenance as well as superior performance.


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