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Here you will find expert advice on plumbing and heating installation best practice, latest industry trends and legislation, and practical hints and tips on how to get the job done safely and more efficiently.

Legionella blog part 2 thumb

Preventing Legionella outbreak after lockdown – Part 2

June 02 2020

In this blog, we will discuss what is Legionnaires, how it builds in stagnant water and what measures can be taken to prevent an outbreak. You can read the fir...

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Backflow prevention and why it’s important while battling a crisis

May 27 2020

Preventing backflow from contaminating water supplies is vital as we battle to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

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Protecting vulnerable people from plumbing and heating risks amidst a crisis

May 18 2020

Plumbing and heating installers must look at how to prevent vulnerable people from common plumbing and heating issues amidst COVID-19.

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Legionnaires Disease Thumb

Preventing Legionnaires outbreak after lockdown – Part 1

May 12 2020

After the lockdown is lifted it is imperative that plumbing and heating systems are properly flushed to prevent Legionnaires’ Disease.

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Architect engineer using laptop for working with yellow helmet on table. Thumbnail

What can installers do at home during COVID-19 lockdown?

May 01 2020

We've written a list of some things plumbing and heating installers can do in the comfort of your own home, as we continue to battle through the pandemic.

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10 Essential Plumbing Products for Emergency Repair and Maintenance Jobs

10 essential plumbing products for emergency repair and maintenance jobs

April 23 2020

As the nation enters unchartered waters with lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic, it is essential that we keep plumbing and heating systems in homes and buil...

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NHS surgeon

How installers can protect people and the NHS with TMVs

April 17 2020

How installers can protect people and the NHS with TMVs   The coronavirus outbreak, otherwise known as the COVID-19 pandemic,...

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COVID-19: How can installers stay safe?

COVID-19: How can installers stay safe?

April 07 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis further develops, it is crucial that installers keep themselves and their customers protected and safe while carrying out essential work...

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RWC supporting essential trades during COVID-19

RWC supporting essential trades during COVID-19

April 06 2020

During times of crisis, even when most people are asked to stay indoors, there are certain services that need to continue running to keep the public safe, heal...

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Backflow prevention - tap running with brown water

Say no to backflow – Backflow prevention tips

March 24 2020

Backflow prevention is crucial in both residential and commercial buildings, as it ensures the safety and hygiene of water. When water is contaminated, it can ...

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