An installer’s guide to underfloor heating

As homes adapt for sustainability and cost efficiency, underfloor heating (UFH) is now a top heating option. Our free underfloor heating eGuide provides installers with comprehensive insights, covering sizing, suitability, and compliance for seamless UFH installation in retrofits and new builds.

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What to expect from the guide

  1. Introduction to underfloor heating: Understand underfloor heating's role in modern homes and its growing demand in the housing market.
  2. Key installer considerations: Learn about important factors like suitability evaluation, compliance requirements, and the pros and cons of underfloor heating installation.
  3. Wet systems: Differentiate between wet and electric underfloor heating systems, discover how to install wet systems, and understand why they’re the preferred choice.
  4. Selecting the right system: Gain access to our system comparison tool, aiding you in choosing the most suitable underfloor heating system tailored to your project’s specific needs.

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