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The complete solution for the professional plumber.

We're best known for our precision-made push-fit fittings. But the quality of what you're connecting to is equally important.

That's why we also make our JG Layflat Polybutylene Pipe, here in the UK. It's the only way to offer consistent quality and supply. Designed to make pipe runs faster and easier, our flexible and non-toxic pipe is suitable for a variety of plumbing and heating jobs.

JG Speedfit fittings and JG Layflat Pipe -  the instant plumbing and heating system that together delivers the ultimate multi-seal connection.

Insist on the best

Discover how JG Speedfit and JG Layflat Pipe work together.

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The ultimate multi-seal connection

Twist & Lock

Twist & Lock® technology

JG Speedfit Twist & Lock® push-fit fittings are fast and simple to install and demount, without using tools or hot works. The advanced locking cap is designed to give you ultimate confidence in making a secure leakproof seal.

Ultra Flexible Plastic Pipe

Ultra flexible plastic pipe

JG Layflat Polybutylene Barrier Pipe is lightweight and flexible, making it easier and quicker to manoeuvre through joists and tight spaces. Longer pipe runs mean reduced labour costs and potential leak points.

Dual Superseal Pipe Insert 2

Dual Superseal pipe insert

The dual O-Rings in our Superseal Pipe Inserts together with the O-Ring in our fittings create a unique, leak-tight, multi-seal connection you can rely on.

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Pioneering push-fit technology

Leading brands across a diverse range of sectors rely on our ground-breaking push-fit technology, which enables a secure, reliable and leak-tight connection. From our push-fit plumbing and heating system to our latest tool-free service valves and tap connectors, JG Speedfit technology is trusted by millions worldwide.

Our product range

Insist on JG Layflat Pipe together with your JG Speedfit fittings and pipe inserts to form a flexible, efficient and complete plumbing and heating solution. JG Speedfit also comes with a 50-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

A JG Speedfit elbow fitting.

JG Speedfit fittings

From elbows, straights and tees to more specialist tap connectors and valves, our fittings are suitable for a variety of plumbing and heating applications and are available in different sizes.

A reel of JG Speedfit pipe.

JG Layflat Pipe

Flexible, easy-to-handle, lightweight polybutylene pipe that is available in a range of lengths and diameters, which lays flat and stays flat.


JG Speedfit Pipe Inserts

Combine our fittings and pipe with our Superseal Pipe Inserts to create a unique multi-seal connection. Standard Pipe Inserts are also available.

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An icon of quality

Discover how the John Guest brand, including JG Speedfit, has built a reputation of quality and reliability you can rely on. Through precision engineering, design, manufacturing and robust testing we supply billions of fittings that are trusted worldwide – for plumbing and heating to drinks dispense, automotive, air and telecoms.

We have been a loyal JG Speedfit user for many years and their JG Layflat Pipe is a big advantage to us. It is very flexible and makes installation easier and quicker. JG Speedfit is a brand we can trust and the fittings combined with the pipe make for a quality installation.

Dave Shaw, RWL

JG Speedfit Layflat Pipe is easy to use which makes installation quick. My installers love using it. In addition, the speed at which my team can install the fittings makes the whole installation of JG Speedfit much faster than anything else.

Steve Parker, Parker Plumbing and Heating

I love the flexibility of JG Layflat Pipe… The fittings are nice & compact plus the fact the same connection is used in so many other applications outside of plumbing gives me real confidence the product is a quality one. I also like the fact I’m supporting products made here in the UK.

Paul Franco, P Franco Plumbing & Heating

I prefer JG Speedfit plumbing push-fit fittings for their hassle-free installation, eliminating the need for complex tools or soldering. They offer a user-friendly experience, making plumbing projects more accessible, while still ensuring reliable, leak-free connections. I have used this product for over 25 years now.

Paul Mcstein, JSK Plumbing

I’ve been using JG Layflat Pipe for over 15 years. I love the fact that I can buy it anywhere, on any day of the week & be guaranteed I’m getting an affordable quality product. The fact I can use the JG fittings on any type of pipe gives me real peace of mind.

Graham Brunt, Graham Brunt Plumbing

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