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A wide range of high quality push-fit manifolds and control packs featuring push-fit connections. 

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Manufactured to the highest standard, our underfloor heating manifolds are made from stainless steel and are available in a range of sizes from 2 to 12 zones. All underfloor heating manifolds come fitted with brackets and a vibration isolation mount. A unique feature is that pipe connections are all made with easy-to-use Speedfit push-fit fittings. Integrated within the manifold rail is a pre-assembled automatic air vent, filling valve and flow rate indicators for adjusting flow and isolating the pipe circuit.

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JG Underfloor Thermomix Control Pack

Pump and mixing valve to circulate heating supply around the underfloor heating network, ensuring the correct temperature is supplied through the pipe circuits

The solution was easy to install with Speedfit push-fit fittings, underfloor heating manifolds and JG Layflat pipe, and the support from JG Underfloor was first class.

Richard Doyne, Richard Doyne Plumbing & Heating