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John Guest Protected push-fit fittings

Reliable and quick to connect fittings for protected microduct installations.  

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John Guest blown fibre protected push-fit fittings are quick and easy to install and offer secure and reliable connections.  Engineered in tough plastic, with a wide range of benefits featuring our unique push-fit technology and either single or dual O-rings to securely grip microducts.  

Available in 3 to 20mm sizes, our protected push-fit fittings can be installed and demounted without tools making working in trenches more efficient. For information on transparent microduct connectors see Direct Buried fittings.

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John Guest enlarger is a push-fit fitting for blown fibre


Allows for pipe size to be increased in diameter


From straight connectors to gas blocks and bulkhead connectors, our extensive range of push-fit fittings for protected microduct installations offer optimal flow, performance and efficiency.

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Instant, tool-free push-fit connections

A wide range of plastic push-fit fittings that are quick and easy to install, without tools. 

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Securely grips and seals onto microduct

Grip and seal™ technology provides a secure connection, with single or dual O-Ring seals. 

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Uninterrupted fibre bundle and cable passage

Designed to ensure smooth passage to avoid installation complications and delays.

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Makes repair or network expansion fast and simple

Demountable feature makes reconfiguration easy without damaging the microduct or fitting.

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Flexibility when blowing fibre or cables

Most of our connectors enable fibres and cables to be blown through in either direction.

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A variety of connectors to suit your needs

From transparent to black connectors offering UV protection, we offer an extensive range. 

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