Innovation & Quality

Today’s products are vital but significant operational focus and heavy investment on research and development is a leading company objective ensuring products are being considered for tomorrow’s market requirements.

The company’s founder, Mr John Guest, carried a firm belief that the next generation of products are integral to the company’s on-going strategy. He created an inventive environment to encourage imaginative product design and ensure that the company always leads and not follows.

It is easy to claim product quality but quite another to ensure that every operational process is devised to deliver world class technical performance. When a John Guest push-fit connection is made, it is right first time, every time.

It is this commitment to quality that has led to John Guest receiving prestigious awards from many of the world’s leading testing and approvals organizations.

John Guest has received the Horner Award from the British Plastics Federation in recognition of ‘imaginative and appropriate use of plastics’ by developing the Speedfit range of fittings.

Horner Award 1995

A British Design Award, presented by The Design Council for the design of the plastic Super Speedfit range of connectors.


British Design Award 1987

John Guest now has 19 Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS) Approvals covering products from the Plumbing and Heating, and Drinks Dispense Ranges.

WRAS Certification 1988

John Guest has always been committed to producing products of the highest quality and having ISO 9001 certification reflects that.


ISO 9001 Quality Management System 1989

John Guest has always been committed to producing products of the highest quality and having ISO 9001 certification reflects that.


The Queen's Award for export Achievement 1990

In 1991 John Guest Ltd. was awarded the Ford Motor Company Quality 1 standard of excellence, considered at the time to be the world’s highest accolade of quality manufacture.

Ford Motor Company Q1 Award 1991

The company received its second Queen’s Award for Export Achievement.



Queen's Award for export Achievement 1995

JG Speedfit Plastic Push-fit Fittings accepted by the Hong Kong Water Authority.


Hong Kong Water Authority 1996

Routine auditing of John Guest’s manufacturing facility by the National Sanitation Federation ensures that all JG Plumbing, Drinks Dispense, Pipe & Tube ranges are covered by NSF 14, 51 or 61 certification.

1997 NSF/ANSI 14, 51 & 61

The KM39767 Kitemark is the consumer’s guarantee that John Guest’s products conform to the British Standard being claimed and that the products meet required quality and safety standards.

British Standards Institute Kitemark (1998) to parts 1, 2 & 3

In the presenting of the third Queen’s Award for Export/ International Trade, it was noted that the company’s export turnover had increased by 250% in six years.

The Queen's Award for International Trade 2000

The ISO 14001 award is demonstrating John Guest’s commitment to producing and distributing products in an environmentally friendly way with minimal waste and reduced energy footprint.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

The Speedfit Push-fit System of fittings and pipe accepted for use with potable water systems.


National Institute of Public Health National Institure of Hygiene 2003 (Poland)

John Guest’s Acetal and Polypropylene Fittings and LLDPE Tube meet the requirements of EC framework directive EC 1935/2004 for materials intended to come into contact with food.

Food Contact Directive 2004

The Award was given to John Guest in recognition of the company’s development of the ‘Twist and Lock’ Range of Push-fit Fittings, ‘Superseal’ Pipe Insert and plastic barrier pipe.

The Queen's Award for Enterprise 2005

The Speedfit Plumbing System complies with the Durability, Hazardous Building Materials and Water Supplies clauses of the New Zealand Building Code.

Department of Building & Housing, New Zealand (2005)

Received in 2005, the Speedfit Plumbing System has certification of building and construction products to Irish Building Regulations and associated product performance standards.

Irish Agreement Board

Presented to John Guest by the London Borough of Hillingdon for contributing social benefits to the local community. Nominations were sent from voluntary groups within the borough. 

Corporate Responsibility Award 2005

Speedfit Plumbing System meets established conformance to a recognised USA performance standard, which is referenced in the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC).

2006 IAPMO R&T (USA) to ASTM F876, F877 ASSE 1061, IGC 188 and CSA B137.5

The Speedfit Plumbing System has certified compliance with the technical requirements for Czech Republic building products.

ITC 2006 (the CZECH Republic) to ISo 15875-2, 5

We are proud of the association with the oldest professional architectural body in the world – The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). 

RIBA Product Selector

Hygienic and functional certification of Plumbing Push-fit Fittings, valves, flexi hoses, PEX and Polybutylene pipe, Nylon pipe and LLDPE tube.

GOST R Certification (Russia)

The Speedfit Plumbing System is awarded certification confirming suitability for use within Dutch plumbing systems. Certification is maintained through routine audit and product testing.


Certification given to Speedfit Plumbing System in 2008 by the South African Bureau of Standards confirming suitability for use within South African plumbing systems. 

SABS (South Africa)

Speedfit Plumbing System Certificate No ESR 1931 establishes conformance to a recognized performance standard, which is referenced in the International Plumbing Code (IPC).

ICC-ES 2008 (USA) ASTM F876, F877 & ASSE 1061

The Speedfit Plumbing System is awarded Certification confirming suitability for use within German plumbing systems. Certification is maintained through routine audit and product testing.

DVGW 2009 (Germany)

The Speedfit Plumbing System has been awarded the Watermark Certificate establishing conformance with the Building Code of Australia and conforming suitability for use within Australian plumbing systems.

2009 IAPMO R&T OCEANA (Australia)