John Guest LLDPE pipe

John Guest LLDPE tubing

High performance plastic tubing for drinks dispense and water treatment.

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John Guest offers a wide range of strong, flexible and chemically resistant LLDPE tubing and pipes that withstand high pressure and temperatures.

Made from non-contaminating FDA and NSF approved materials, our LLDPE tubing is suitable for potable water, intermittent hot water, inert gas and foodstuffs (beer, beverage and soft drinks). It can also be found in more unusual applications such as misting systems and ice makers. It is equally suitable for use in residential and industrial water treatment and purification systems, including filtration, desalination, reverse osmosis, softening and conditioning.

LLDPE tubing is available in a range of sizes and colours and is compatible with virtually all standard tubing connectors.

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LLDPE Tubing

LLDPE Tubing

Flexible and versatile LLDPE tubing for a wide range of applications

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