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Luke Duffy
Toolroom Apprentice
HNC (Mechanical Engineering)

“I started considering engineering as a profession when I was introduced to this subject in sixth form. Soon after the course began I was motivated to become an engineer, as I realized how interesting the subject was and it could open several rewarding career paths to choose from.

I decided to take an apprenticeship instead of going to college for pursuing my engineering career, mainly because apprenticeships provide you top notch education in specific areas of the trade alongside gaining first hand industry experience. I highly recommend John Guest’s Apprenticeship program to those who are keen to further understand engineering or are looking for an opportunity to retrain themselves. I have spent about a year at John Guest now, most of which I spent in college completing my block release. Ever since I have been back to the company I enjoy the work I am given in the Tool Room and I have also recently been assigned several tasks in the Inspection Department.

What I really benefit from by working at John Guest is the fact that I get an opportunity to experience different aspects of engineering through the rotational program. I relish working in the Tool Room as it gives me a sense of satisfaction to produce a component of specific standards.

Sometimes coping with college alongside work becomes a bit taxing but I am glad to be a part of the John Guest Apprenticeship program as it has offered me a chance to gain work experience and become a qualified engineer at the same time. There could be no better system to get the best both worlds as this program keeps me a step ahead of my college peers. According to me apprenticeships are a great alternative to university and I would highly recommend it to engineering aspirants, as there is no other way you could gain top notch qualification alongside experience in different areas of engineering.”