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Time is money, as many of us are aware, and installers working on complex commercial heating and plumbing projects face a number of challenges, including speed. With the Government’s new ‘Build, build, build’ initiative, there has never been a stronger national effort to meet construction targets by a specific deadline.

To help installers meet the huge demand for quick installations, we’ll explain how SharkBite can help you complete your next commercial plumbing project faster and more efficiently. Along with this, we’ll show you how SharkBite can create a neat and tidy finish for surface-mounted plumbing.


SharkBite straight coupler connecting to copper pipe


Increase installation speed by up to 50%


Long lengths of pipework are used in plumbing systems in buildings such as schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, and other commercial developments. Connecting them quickly to speed up projects and generate cost and time savings is a common difficulty.

Metal pipework is widely used within commercial installations to distribute cold water, heating and hot water supplies throughout the building. Soldering, compression, press-fit, and push-fit are the four methods for connecting this sort of pipework. Push-fit is by far the quickest and easiest method for achieving a leak-free connection, with installation times typically reduced by 40-50%.

The reason is that the other three methods all require tools, which take time to set up and can be tricky to use in tight spaces. Fluxing joints and heating solder, cleaning pipes and fittings, unscrewing and tightening nuts and olives, and other seemingly simple jobs can take quite some time.

All of this is eliminated with SharkBite brass push-fit fittings. To achieve a secure connection, all you have to do is push the pipe into the fitting without using any tools. The fitting has a grab-ring with sharp, stainless steel teeth that grabs the pipes tightly, and an O-Ring that ensures a watertight seal.



Surface-mounted pipework is the latest trend


While copper, brass, black steel, and galvanised steel pipes have always been practical, we’re now beginning to appreciate their beauty and strength in design. Instead of being hidden, exposed pipes are now publicly shown in commercial structures. This is commonly known as surface-mounted plumbing.

Thanks to SharkBite’s compact fittings, this type of plumbing is now much less obtrusive. Instead, they integrate nicely with metal pipes such as copper, chromed copper, and carbon steel, which are commonly used in commercial projects due to their robust construction. SharkBite fittings are also compatible with PEX and polybutylene pipes and are available in a range of sizes from 10-28mm.

There’s a practical benefit along with the beauty. Installers can ensure that pipework and valves are easily accessible with exposed pipes, making future maintenance operations faster and easier.



Push-fit makes maintenance simple and easy


To ensure optimum operation, commercial plumbing systems will need to be serviced on a regular basis, as previously mentioned. Maintenance, however, might be difficult with soldered joints and compression connections.

Taking apart and reinstalling soldered parts is a time-consuming process. Before re-soldering, best practice would be to remove the water from that section of the piping and make sure it is completely dry. Compression fittings can also be difficult to disassemble. It might be nearly impossible to complete the job without causing damage if the fitting is overtightened or put in an awkward/tight location.

SharkBite’s push-fit connectors are simple to demount using the disconnecting tong, avoiding all of this hassle. To release the pipe, the tong compresses the fitting and pushes the grasping teeth out of the way. SharkBite connectors are also reusable, allowing installers to reuse the same fitting.

SharkBite is sustainable, and helps create a circular economy

The UK government’s campaign slogan is to ‘build back greener’, and even a plumbing fitting should not be excluded from the sustainability discussion.

SharkBite fittings are corrosion resistant, WRAS-approved, and come with a 25-year warranty. All of this adds to the assurance and dependability of long-lasting, secure connections. And installers can contribute to a greener, circular economy by using SharkBite fittings.

At RWC, we are here to help you all the way, from technical support through to best practice installation guidance, and to get Britain on the road to a greener future.

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