Acetal Angle Stop Valve

Angle Stop Valve
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You will also need:

Locking Clip

Locking Clip

Locking Clip to prevent accidental pipework disconnection.

Quickly and safely isolates a branch feed from the mains supply via an integrated ball valve

John Guest push-fit acetal angle stop valve isolates an appliance or fixture branch feed without affecting the main supply line. The valve includes an integral service check valve for backflow prevention up to Fluid Category 2 and a ¼ turn chrome plated ball valve. Fast and simple to install, John Guest valves create an instant push-fit connection and leak tight seal without the need for tools, hot works or sealing agents.

The unique collet locking design firmly and securely holds the pipe in place without deforming the pipe or restricting flow. John Guest push-fit valves are corrosion resistant and fully demountable, improving system performance and reducing system downtime during maintenance.

Manufactured in acetal with a food grade nitrile O-Ring, valves are suitable for foodstuff, potable liquids (10 bar at 20°C), inert gases and intermittent hot water applications (4 bar at 60°C). All John Guest fittings are manufactured and assembled in the UK.

Features and benefits

  • Durable acetal stop valve with nitrile O-Ring
  • Integral single service check valve for backflow prevention
  • Integral ¼ turn chrome plated ball valve for quick and simple isolation
  • Instant push-fit connection and leak tight seal
  • Connect, disconnect and reconnect in seconds without tools
  • No scale build up improves performance and equipment lifespan
  • Superior flow characteristics
  • Suitable for potable liquid, intermittent hot water, inert gas and food grade applications. Not suitable for compressed air, vacuum, explosive gases, petroleum spirit or other fuel or heating systems.
  • Compatible with LLDPE or soft metal pipe/tubing


BSI Thermo Pipes and Fixings accredited
WRAS approved product
SKUDescriptionTube OD mmBranch Tube OD ″Accreditations
ASV3John Guest Acetal Angle Stop Valve 15mm × 15mm × 1⁄4″151⁄4
ASV4John Guest Acetal Angle Stop Valve 15mm × 15mm × 3⁄8″153⁄8