10 minutes with… Daniel Wilkes and Gary Walker

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Date posted: 24th Nov 2016

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installers win a £15,000 holiday voucher

Every year, JG Speedfit promotes its Layflat pipe giveaway. In previous years, lucky installers have won prizes including a brand new van and a motorbike. This year, JG Speedfit launched it’s ‘ain’t no pipe dream’ competition where installers had a chance to win a £15,000 holiday voucher.

Layflat Pipe Giveaway from JG Speedfit

Daniel Wilkes was the winner and he opted to share his prize with his business partner, Gary Walker. We had a catch up with the two of them to see what they’re going to spend their money on and what they make of the challenges to the industry.

The first question we must ask is, where are you going to visit?!

Daniel: I still can’t believe I have over seven grand to spend on a holiday but I think I’m going to spend it all on one big holiday – maybe visit the USA!

Gary: I’m probably going to split it over a few holidays but I’d also like to see the States.

What has been your route to the plumbing industry?

Daniel: I did an apprenticeship when I was younger and haven’t looked back since.

Gary: I also undertook an apprenticeship. There’s no better way to learn the tricks of the trade than doing the job at hand and learning from real installers!

How long have you been in the industry?

Daniel: 15 years

Gary: I’ve been in the industry for a little while longer… 39 years

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen during this time?

Daniel: The shift from copper to plastic has been a pretty big change in my 15 years as an installer.

Gary: I’d have to agree with David – the rise of plastic pipes and fittings has been the biggest change.

Football or rugby?

Daniel: Football

Gary: Rugby!

Why should people consider a career in HVAC?

Daniel: It’s truly a job for life. I’ve loved the last 15 years and looking forward to the next decade!

Gary: I agree with Daniel, but it’s also well paid and interesting. There’s so much variation being a plumber that makes the job so worthwhile.

What’s the biggest challenge for installers?

Daniel: That’s a tough one!

Gary: For me, it’s the tight spaces. For glasses wearers, like me, it’s so frustrating when your glasses move from the correct position and you can’t see what you’re doing!

We’d like to thank and congratulate Daniel and Gary and hope they enjoy their trips to the USA!

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