How JG Speedfit provides the solution to common pipe problems

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Whether you’re carrying out brand-new installations, undertaking repairs and upgrades to pipe problems or responding to emergency callouts, every installer strives to deliver for their customers and protect their hard-earned reputation. To do that, high-quality workmanship and the use of tried and tested components are key.

This winning combination will also support professional installers to overcome some of the common pipe problems they’ll typically face on a job – from working in tight spaces to overcoming leaks. Leaks are perhaps the most common challenge in any plumbing system, having the potential to cause costly damage and undermine performance and efficiency. They can be caused by corrosion, cracks, natural wear and tear, or even blockages – but whatever the cause, leaks are a problem that installers can take steps to avoid.

Of course, pipe is a fundamental part of every plumbing and heating system and, as such, it can play a role in overcoming any broader challenges a system may encounter. Let’s take a look at some of the pipe options available from JG Speedfit that are commonly being used by installers to create reliable, efficient and long-lasting plumbing systems.

Pipes for every challenge

Every solution in the JG Speedfit range is designed with quality and ease of installation in mind – and it’s no different when it comes to pipes.

Polybutylene pipe takes the lead in durability and long-term performance, as well as aiding simple installation. The material offers a host of benefits, showcasing its flexible characteristics that support installers to overcome the intricacies of individual installations while ensuring reliability and performance throughout its service life.

As a polybutylene barrier pipe, JG Layflat pipe from JG Speedfit is ideal for use on hot, cold and central heating systems, equipping installers with the versatility needed to tackle a variety of jobs. But the benefits don’t end there. Made up of five layers, JG Layflat ultra flexible pipe facilitates long pipe runs and is designed to lay flat once removed from the coil – reducing the need for lots of connections to be made across a system and effectively potential leak points.

This in-built flexibility is ideal when navigating the complexities of some pipe problems – whether that’s tight spots or applications that require non-linear pipework, like the installation of new appliances.

But, what about when more rigid pipework is required? Well, JG Speedfit has the solution for that, too. PEX Barrier Pipe provides slightly more rigidity than polybutylene pipe, making it perfect for straighter pipe runs – both long and short. Supplied in straight lengths and coils, the pipe is also made up of five layers, each of which contributes to its unwavering performance.

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Why choose JG Speedfit?

Plastic pipes – alongside other plastic push-fit plumbing components – equip installers with a broad range of advantages that support them when overcoming common pipe problems. Whether it’s simplifying and speeding up installation, reducing the potential for leaks, or creating long-lasting systems, plastic pipes and fittings are chosen by expert installers for all manner of jobs.

Alongside the strength of pipes in the JG Speedfit range, the feature of push-fit technology further enhances their usability for installers.

The pioneering push-fit technology removes the complexity from installation, enabling strong connections to be made without the use of tools or flames – even when working in tight, hard-to-access places. The combination of JG pipe, fittings and Superseal Pipe Inserts also strengthens systems, forming a unique multi-seal connection to improve performance and prevent leaks. In practice, this equips installers with an efficient and time-saving solution for both installation and demounting.

The practicalities of plastic pipework have seen it soar in popularity in recent years, being used on projects up and down the country to overcome common plumbing problems and deliver systems that deliver on performance and reliability.

Super fast. Super simple. Super secure.

Make fast, simple and secure connections with our push-fit fittings, valves and pipes for plumbing and heating.

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