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The UK government, and indeed the world at large, are currently setting new environmentally friendly targets to cut down on carbon emissions, towards the goal of ultimately reaching net-zero. One example would be the phasing out of gas boilers in new-builds, to make homes greener in the long-run.

Ultimately, this more environmentally friendly mindset has become one shared by many homeowners, too. Whether it be retrofitting a home to include more environmentally friendly solutions, or actively searching for a new build with these features, an efficient green plumbing system has joined the ranks of eating less meat and opting for electric cars, as small steps to reduce our carbon footprint. And indeed, a greener plumbing system can be achieved with solutions from JG Speedfit.

How is plastic plumbing and heating more sustainable?

Many wonder how plumbing systems made up of plastic fittings and pipes can have a strong impact on creating greener homes. The devil is in the detail. Materials, such as PEX and polybutylene, which are used to make plumbing pipes and fittings, are actually a much more environmentally friendly solution than many realise.

First and foremost, PEX and polybutylene are recyclable materials, if disposed of correctly. Secondly, if you are on the fence whether to install plastic pipes and fittings, you might want to read on: Independent research conducted by The European Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association (TEPPFA) set out to determine whether copper pipe and fittings are more sustainable than PEX and polybutylene ones, and the results may surprise you.

The report showed, that when considering factors such as exhaustion of resources, and the number of emissions produced during manufacturing and shipping, plastic pipes and fittings are more environmentally friendly than their copper counterparts, and this doesn’t even take into account the consumables needed to install copper pipes, such as flux, solder and gas.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few ways that JG Speedfit products can make your home greener, beyond just being a more sustainable solution to produce.

A JG Speedfit black push-fit plumbing manifold.

Reducing the chances of leaks

If you’re worried about having a green plumbing system, leaks should be your first concern, as a single leak can lose up to 1,400 gallons of water in 24 hours, which is enough water to fill up 47 bathtubs. While most domestic plumbing leaks are not on this scale, any water going to waste is a huge drain on our natural resources. This is where push-fit plumbing technology comes into its own.

Plastic push-fit plumbing manifolds, like those in the JG Speedfit range, reduce the complexity of pipework by creating one central distribution point for hot or cold water supplies. A run may be cabled to an outlet when utilised with JG Layflat Polybutylene Pipe without the need for extra fittings. In addition to limiting leak spots, this makes maintenance simple. As a result, JG Speedfit Plumbing Manifolds reduce the risks of leaks by requiring less connections in the system, which in turn keeps water wastage and costly leaks at bay.

The installation of plastic push-fit fittings is a much more time and resource efficient process compared to other systems too, as there is no need for tools, whether it be flames or flux. If we consider the sheer volume of daily plumbing jobs in the UK, this translates to lower emissions from vans too, as plastic pipes and fittings weigh much less compared to their copper or brass counterparts, so less fuel is needed to transport them.

Additionally, the fittings are almost entirely corrosion proof, which means that they last much longer, whilst requiring less maintenance too. Indeed, by making both the installation and maintenance more efficient, on top of being a more environmentally friendly solution to produce, JG Speedfit’s plastic push-fit fittings play a big part in reducing the carbon footprint of plumbing and making our homes greener and more environmentally friendly.

A man's hands holding a JG Speedfit push fit T fitting.

Twist & Lock® your way to more efficient homes

The JG Speedfit Twist & Lock® range is just one example of how the JG Speedfit range can make homes greener, more efficient, and thus environmentally friendly. The push-fit connection made possible by the Twist & Lock® fittings are fast, flame-free, and tool-free to both install and demount. This is made possible by the primary O-Ring seal and the Grip & Seal™ collet with stainless steel teeth, which, when combined with JG Speedfit’s Superseal Inserts can create a unique multi seal.

The polybutylene material is non-toxic and resistant to scale build-up, as well as corrosion, making it a safe and ecological system for greener homes. As a result, the fittings are strong and watertight, reducing the need for maintenance and costly repairs. Additionally, polybutylene, on top of being a more sustainably produced solution, is 100% recyclable, which means that your straights, tees, and equal elbow connections, can be converted back into granular form and be remade into other plastic-based products.

Think green, think push-fit

By requiring less repairs from installers, providing a leak resistant connection, and by being a more environmentally friendly solution to produce, plastic push-fit fittings provide a long-lasting plumbing solution, ensuring that our homes become greener over time. Equally, JG Speedfit’s plumbing and heating system is backed by a 50-year guarantee, meaning that you can be sure to an environmentally friendly solution for decades to come.

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