Breathe new life into your plastic plumbing techniques this Easter

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It’s nearly time for the habitual consumption of chocolate, a four-day weekend, or for some plumbers and installers – that period of time before summer when the workload starts to peak. We are of course talking about Easter.

Falling this year on Sunday, April 16, Easter marks the start of the giving and receiving of chocolate eggs; an item which symbolises new life. This dates back to Pagan times when the egg represented life bursting forth, just as Spring does after a long, hard winter. For plumbers and installers, Easter also provides an egg-citing time to breathe new life into your practices to ensure that your work is always sunny-side up (did we mention Easter is also the time of bad puns?).

In this blog, we explore some of the small things you can do which will have a big impact on your plastic plumbing techniques.

Embrace the Advantages of Plastic Plumbing

At JG Speedfit, we didn’t just write the book on plastic plastic plumbing, we invented the plastic push-fit!

Something we have proven over the 55 years we’ve been in business is the fact that plastic pipes and fittings are safer, faster to install, more convenient, and in some cases, more reliable than copper counterparts. Whereas copper pipes must be soldered together, the fast and effective twist & lock® cap of a Speedfit push-fit can securely connect any pipe in around five seconds.

When you multiply this across the course of an average plumbing job, it is possible to achieve up to 40% of time-saving. So if you want to spend more time with family and friends this Easter, plastic pipes and fittings could well make this happen – eggs-cellent!

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Pay More Attention to Housekeeping

Most young plumbers and installers are taught about the importance of keeping fittings clean and tidy at a very early stage in their career, but this is not always easy. We are all guilty of tipping fittings out of the original packaging onto a dirty floor, selecting what we need, and putting the rest of the fittings back in the bag again. This may be convenient, but it can cause a build-up of dust and debris on the O-ring, which could cause a leak when the fittings are used.

Plastic pipes and fittings rely on the O-ring seal for performance so keeping them clean at all times can minimise the risk of leaks. It also means that anything you install during the first-fix stage maintains its factory finish long since you’ve left the site, leaving an egg-ceptional impression on the customer!

Watch How to make a Twist & Lock SuperSeal Insert connection on YouTube.

Make the Right Connection with Push-Fit Plumbing

There are still many plumbers who gamble when it comes to making a secure and accurate pipe connection. It can be easy when you’re climbing a stepladder on a cold building site in January, leaning over to connect hundreds of fittings a day, to just assume that the pipe is connecting properly with the fitting.

However, in some cases, an insertion gap is left. You will notice on Speedfit products that we mark the pipe to show the point that needs to be reached to ensure a leakproof connection. Cutting the pipe, pushing it into a fitting and assuming it has connected properly will be OK 99.9% of the time, but there will be occasions where the pipe does not make the required connection, and this could cause a leak.

Taking the time to perform a visual inspection may sound egg-streme, but it will enable you to ensure a leak-proof connection 100% of the time.

Embrace New Plumbing & Heating Technologies

The plumbing landscape is changing at a rapid pace and today’s plumbers don’t just have to understand modern methods of construction, they also need to get their head around the influx of new technologies entering the market.

Underfloor heating installation is becoming a common request for plumbers and installers, particularly as smart heating controls continue to grow in popularity. One of the most effective ways you can breathe new life into your plastic plumbing techniques is by understanding these new trends and the best way of doing this is by building better relationships with manufacturers such as JG Speedfit.

We have a dedicated technical team that not only works with the education system to help develop future plumbers but which also works with installers to ensure they have a full understanding of the products and new systems available to them.

By taking advantage of our technical experts, you can be ready for the eventual shift towards a totally digitalised home, and ensure that you are not missing out on cracking business opportunities.

Plumbing Techniques

That is just some small things you can do which will have a big impact on your plastic plumbing techniques, but there are much more. If you would like any advice on these techniques, why not contact us?

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