Plumbing and heating retrofit and renovation for more efficient homes

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Collectively, the UK’s homes account for around a fifth of the country’s total emissions. While new homes are designed to be more efficient, the reality is that most homes lived in by 2050 already exist today.

Millions of these homes, however, fail to meet the requirements for Energy Performance Certification ‘C’, reflecting levels of efficiency which could see the UK fail to meet its net-zero targets. While that’s the long-term consequence, today, occupants of these properties will likely see higher heating bills, with heating systems working harder to keep homes warm – and subsequently having a greater negative impact on the environment.

This places the emphasis firmly on the plumbing and heating retrofit and renovation of existing homes, ensuring older properties are brought up to standard to ensure efficiency and occupant comfort for decades to come. Renovating and upgrading plumbing & heating systems is a proven way to decarbonise existing homes and make them fit for the future.

This approach places installers at the heart of activity to curb emissions and improve the efficiency of homes – both through the adoption of low-carbon systems and innovative plumbing and heating technologies.

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The role of installers and the solutions facilitating retrofits

As the experts on the ground, plumbing and heating professionals are able to assess properties to identify – and install – the most appropriate plumbing and heating retrofit and renovation solutions to bring them up to standard.

The scale of the plumbing and heating retrofit challenge – with millions of individual homes potentially requiring modification – means it will be tried and tested solutions that will unlock the best results. While ensuring occupants benefit from proven upgrades, disruption can be minimised while keeping the UK on track to meet sustainability targets.

When it comes to efficiently keeping homes warm, underfloor heating (UFH) can be easily installed in most properties. As well as being compatible with most heat sources – from traditional gas boilers through to modern heat pumps – UFH can help to reduce energy demands by operating at lower temperatures than typical radiator systems.

Low-profile UFH systems, such as JG LowFit, can further support renovation efforts, with the ability to be laid over existing subfloor structures. With multiple options available to accommodate every floor construction – from concrete through to timber – installers can utilise UFH to elevate home efficiency and drive sustainability improvements.

Alongside new heating systems, installers can make a conscious effort to incorporate sustainability into even the smallest of upgrades. By choosing plastic pipes and fittings – including those in the JG Speedfit range – system performance can be strengthened to underpin efficiency, while ensuring reliable systems for decades to come. Alongside this, plastic components can help to mitigate against leaks, supporting efforts around the conservation of water.

The smart and simple way to heat a home

From new builds to retrofits and extensions, we offer a wide range of energy-efficient push-fit underfloor heating systems for any project or floor construction.

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