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We all know about the prominence push-fit fittings have in the plumbing arena. We also know how they’ve helped change the way we work, allowing the unification of copper and plastic pipes thanks to one twist & lock®.

But did you know that push-fits aren’t exclusive to the plumbing world?

Would you be surprised to hear that beer; fibre optic internet and cars are all united through their use of the JG Speedfit Technology? Well, they are and so are several niche sectors where you find hundreds of alternative applications of our push-fit fittings, and we’re about to prove it!

Push-fit fittings are used for pulling the perfect pint

That’s right, our beloved breweries use push-fits for delivering beer from keg to the font!

In fact, 95% of bars in the UK use John Guest push-fit fittings in their beer lines for delivering that perfectly chilled pint. Now we know who’s behind that perfectly poured pale ale. There are some good reasons for it too. Push-fit fittings are quick and easy to install, allowing pub owners or maintenance staff to set up beer lines efficiently without the need for specialised tools or extensive plumbing knowledge. Our push-fit fittings are designed with food-grade materials that meet strict hygiene standards. They provide a clean and safe connection for delivering beer, preventing contamination and ensuring a pleasant drinking experience for customers. To round it all off, John Guest push-fit fittings offer versatility in designing and configuring beer lines. They can easily accommodate different pipe sizes and types, allowing pubs to customise their beer delivery systems based on their specific needs and layout. Thanks, push-fit!

Push-fit fittings are used for driving your car

Another alternative use for push-fit fittings is the inconspicuous but critical component for the automotive evolution, the push-fit connector has, amazingly, been used in more than one billion vehicle applications worldwide. These connectors provide a secure and reliable connection in automotive applications. They are designed to withstand the demands of automotive environments, ensuring that fluid or airlines remain leak-free and properly connected in line with the automotive industry standards for quality and performance.

The push-fit design of John Guest connectors makes them quick and easy to install. This is beneficial in automotive manufacturing and repair processes, where efficiency and time saving are crucial factors. In addition, Push-fit connectors from John Guest have played a role in the development of greener engines. As automotive manufacturers strive for more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles, the use of push-fit fittings in fuel and power steering systems contributes to these advancements.

We’ve definitely come a long way!

A man working on a car engine.

Push-fit fittings are used for connecting you to The Internet

In the 1980s, John Guest invented the first ever fibre optic push-fit fittings for BT, one of the world’s leading providers of communication services.

Fibre optic cables require precise and secure connections to ensure optimal transmission of data. John Guest push-fit fittings provide a reliable and precise connection between fibre optic cables, ensuring minimal signal loss and maximum performance. The push-fit design simplifies the installation process for fibre optic cables, allowing connectors to be easily inserted and secured without the need for special tools or complex procedures.

But perhaps most importantly, fibre optic cables are delicate and require protection from external elements. John Guest push-fit fittings are designed to provide a protective seal around the cable connection, preventing dust, moisture, and other contaminants from affecting the cable's performance. This helps to maintain the integrity of the fibre optic signal over long distances.

Today, around 2.5 million of these alternative push-fits are produced and sold each year for delivering high-speed internet to millions of homes and offices.

A man's hands holding a telecoms fitting.

Push-fit fittings are used in the office water machine

Like beer, push-fits can also be found in water purification systems, where FDA-compliant materials are being used for potable liquids.

These have been designed specifically for fluid control and drinks dispensers by providing reliable and leak-free connections between the system’s components, such as filters, membranes, and tubing. This helps maintain the purity and quality of the treated water. Water purification systems can also have various components and configurations based on specific requirements. John Guest push-fit fittings offer versatility and adaptability, allowing them to be used in different system setups and accommodate different sizes of tubing and connectors.

And if that wasn’t all. Our push-fit fittings can be easily disassembled without damaging the tubing, allowing for quick component replacement or system modifications. The reusable nature of these fittings adds convenience and cost-effectiveness to the maintenance of water purification systems.

When using office water systems, purification is guaranteed – thirsty work!

A man's hands holding a compressed air fitting and pipe.

Push-fit fittings are used when you take your car to the garage

If you’ve ever taken your car to the garage, then you’ve most probably benefited from this alternative use for push-fit fittings. There are multiple applications in a garage that utilise JG Speedfit Technology in compressed air systems.

These fittings enable a secure and efficient connection between the air compressor and the various components involved in tyre maintenance. When filling the air in tyres, the push-fit fittings ensure a tight seal, preventing any air leaks and allowing for precise pressure control. This ensures that your tyres are properly inflated and optimally balanced for safe and efficient driving.

But these fittings are also invaluable when it comes to changing tyres. Push-fit fittings facilitate the quick and easy removal and installation of tyres on the rims by enabling the pneumatic tools to securely hold and manipulate the tyres, ensuring a smooth and efficient tyre change process.

Wheel balancing is another crucial task in a garage, and push-fit fittings are instrumental in this process. They provide a reliable connection between the wheel balancer and the necessary equipment, such as sensors and calibration devices. This ensures accurate wheel balancing, minimising vibrations and enhancing the overall performance and longevity of the tyres.

Push-fit Fittings from John Guest Speedfit

There you have it; who knew push-fit fittings were used around the world in a number of unique and innovative applications?

So, the next time anyone has reservations regarding your favourite JG Speedfit fittings that expedite your everyday plumbing installation, you can share these interesting stories about the pioneering JG Speedfit Technology that is used by everyone in their day-to-day lives...

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