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When it comes to creating an underfloor heating (UFH) system that delivers on performance and stands the test of time, a critical first step is to specify for quality.

Working with trusted brands is a proven way to build quality into every project, ensuring reliable components and innovative technologies alongside unwavering technical support. This winning combination results in smooth installations time after time.

With over four decades in the plumbing and heating sector, JG Speedfit – part of the RWC family – has pioneered innovation, driving developments that make a tangible and lasting impact for installers and their customers.

Let’s take a look at what quality in underfloor heating means for installers choosing their JG Underfloor systems for their projects.

Proven systems, uncompromising standards

Wet underfloor heating systems are by far the most popular for UK homes, whereby water passes through the system to heat a space. Spanning the entire floorspace, these systems need pipework that is both strong and flexible, equipping the system with essential durability while being flexible enough to navigate the twists and turns of an effective system.

As underfloor heating is discretely hidden beneath the surface of floors, it is vital that systems can deliver reliable performance for decades to come. This requires materials to be highly durable, facilitating optimal heat output and performance alongside longevity.

With every system built around quality, JG Underfloor offers a range of underfloor heating systems to suit every project. Whether a new-build home or a refurbishment project, ground-floor or upstairs installations, there’s a solution with the versatility to answer the needs of your unique challenge.

Alongside the quality and versatility that sits at the heart of JG Underfloor low-profile systems, they have an additional benefit which is particularly appealing for retrofit projects – as well as new builds. Easily installed on top of existing subfloor structures – whether solid or timber – low-profile systems are designed to deliver optimal performance with minimal impact. 16mm and 20mm panel depths mean that floor build-up is kept to a minimum, enabling homes to benefit from efficient UFH, without compromising the living space.

Suitable for 12mm pipe, JG LowFit’s foil and mesh panels are typically installed upstairs over timber floors, whereas castellated panels tend to be used on ground-floor screed applications, accommodating either 12 or 15mm pipe. Timber floor solutions offer the lowest height build up, whereas screed solutions can vary between 21 to 25mm depending on the thickness of the screed and final floor covering, which is roughly the diameter of a £1 coin.

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JG Underfloor – the partner of choice for installers

While the JG LowFit range equips installers with proven UFH systems that underpin long-term performance and reliability, working with a reputable supplier unlocks much more – including hands-on support.

Every installation is different, with each property having its own intricacies which must be factored into UFH system design to deliver the most effective results. With that in mind, every JG LowFit system is backed by lifetime technical support, before, during and after installation, ensuring the success of every system.

This support starts at the very beginning. By sharing building plans with the technical team, the hassle of designing and costing an energy efficient system can be removed. Installers will benefit from a bespoke specification utilising the JG range, ensuring project needs are met. Alongside this, an estimate and bill of materials will help installers to accurately cost up jobs for customers. Once ready to place an order, a free CAD design service is available, outlining the best pipe layout and underpinning efficient installation and performance.

Through a combination of industry-leading systems and unrivalled technical support, every installer choosing JG Underfloor benefits from a wealth of experience, spanning more than 40 years in plumbing and heating.

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