Ten minutes with industry guru… Tim Pollard

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Date posted: 14th Oct 2016

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Wolseley’s Head of Sustainability Tim Pollard

For our second Q&A session, we spoke to Wolseley’s Head of Sustainability, Tim Pollard, and asked him about what he thinks the challenges are for today’s installer market.

Q) How long have you been in the industry?

A) 28 years man and boy. Well, man and man anyway.

Q) What’s the biggest change you’ve seen during this time?

A) Very difficult to choose, but the change in Building Regulations in 2005 requiring the fitting of high-efficiency condensing boilers must be close to the top

Q) What’s the future?

A) Unpredictable. There’s no doubt that developing technology will impact our industry just as it has affected everything else. The issues of climate change and air quality will influence all manner of products and behaviours and that will certainly include heating and water use.

Q) Why do you think people should consider a career in heating, ventilation and air conditioning?

A) I think that the blend of technical expertise and the satisfaction of achieving a tangible and valued outcome is difficult to match. But most of all, it’s the people. Our industry has a great bunch of people throughout the supply chain.

Q) What’s your favourite tool?

A) A cheese knife.

Q) Tell us your worst industry joke

A) I went to buy some camouflage work trousers the other day but I couldn’t find any.

Q) What are your thoughts on the restructure of the Department of Energy & Climate Change?

A) It could be a fantastic opportunity or the demise of any chance of a cogent, focussed energy policy, only time will tell. As an optimist, I favour the ‘opportunity’ alternative.

Q) Football or rugby?

A) I’m a season ticket holder at Wasps, so rugby is my first choice. However, as a Geordie I cannot shake a life-long interest in Newcastle United through thin and thin.

Q) What should we look out for in the future at Wolseley?

A) Further developments and commitments to first class customer service.

Q) What’s the biggest challenge for installers?

A) Keeping up to date with tsunami of regulations and accreditations which is almost a full time job on its own.


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