Weird and wonderful applications of John Guest’s push-fit technology

Image of Irish pub using Speedfit Polarclean technology

All around the world, John Guest’s push-fit technology is changing the way pipe and tube connections are made. From the New Zealand coastline to the beating heart of the Thames Valley, John Guest is present in diverse applications.

Read below to learn more about 5 of our most unusual projects!

1. JG PolarClean takes its place in Irish history

Our JG PolarClean tube-in-tube technology is being used by Guinness owner, Diageo, as part of an upgrade across 1,500 sites in Ireland. What sets JG PolarClean apart is its efficient temperature conditioning of beer while in the line. This optimisation ensures that every pint poured maintains its optimum temperature, preserving the quality and taste that beer enthusiasts crave. The collaboration between John Guest and Diageo signifies our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to beer lovers across Ireland.

JJ Finan, one of the trial sites, is famous for playing host to some of Oasis’s early performances as the Gallagher family hail from the local area of Charlestown. As we join the ranks of legendary music venues, our Speedfit technology continues to revolutionise the beer industry, showcasing the innovation and reliability that John Guest is known for.

So, the next time you raise a glass of Guinness or any other perfectly conditioned beer, remember that behind the scenes, John Guest's JG PolarClean technology is playing its part in delivering a truly exceptional pint. Cheers to the fusion of legendary music and legendary beer dispensing.

Image of tractor using push-fit connectors


We go to Poland for this fascinating story. URSUS is the oldest brand of vehicle and agricultural machinery in its country, with its name coming from a well-known Polish novel with the strongman hero named Ursus.

Its latest selection of tractors feature John Guest push-fit connectors in the fuel system; having been awarded a contract for over 5 thousand tractors and agricultural machines in Zambia, it allows us to get our brand out into new and uncharted markets.

The collaboration between URSUS and John Guest is a testament to the trust and confidence placed in our push-fit connectors. The fuel system is a critical component in agricultural machinery, and our connectors ensure secure and reliable connections, facilitating smooth operations and optimal performance in the field.

By venturing into new markets, we continue to expand the reach of our brand and showcase the versatility and adaptability of push-fit technology. We take pride in knowing that our connectors contribute to the efficiency and productivity of farming operations, ultimately supporting food production and livelihoods.

As we forge ahead, embracing new challenges and opportunities, we remain dedicated to pushing boundaries, building relationships, and creating a positive impact wherever our push-fit connectors find their place.

Image of push-fit fittings used in science lab

3. JG can’t stop carping on about algae feed

New Zealand’s Cawthron Institute, the leading independent science organisation in the country, found John Guest’s push-fit fittings the perfect solution to help develop algae-feeding equipment.

They required a system that was easy to assemble and disassemble as well as easy to clean. Moreover, our push-fit fittings helped maintain a high level of sterility, which is something traditional fittings couldn’t have allowed for.

Who’d have thought you’d find a JG fitting alongside shellfish, but that exemplifies what’s so great about the technology – it works for any situation.

It’s been such a success that the biotechnologist is passing the equipment on to other New Zealand algae culturing farms. This ripple effect showcases the trust and confidence placed in our fittings and the significant impact they have on advancing scientific research and innovation. With each success story like this, we reaffirm our position as a trusted partner, enabling innovation and fostering growth. Together with the Cawthron Institute, we celebrate this fantastic outcome and eagerly anticipate the transformative impact our fittings will have on future scientific endeavours.

Image of woman using inhalation therapy device fitted with push-fit plumbing fittings

4. Breathing easy just got even easier

John Guest provides Artecer, a Portuguese manufacturer of equipment for inhalation therapy and balneotherapy, a range of push-fit fittings and pipes that make their equipment easy to assemble. The seamless integration of our fittings and pipes not only simplifies the manufacturing process but also enhances the overall functionality and reliability of Artecer's inhalation therapy and balneotherapy equipment.

Balneotherapy is a unique type of treatment which involves using mineral springs to treat diseases. Most importantly, our push-fit fittings and pipe ensure a high level of hygiene is maintained by eliminating sources of contamination.

We couldn’t be happier to see our push-fit fittings being used for such an admirable cause. Together, John Guest and Artecer are transforming the healthcare landscape, one fitting at a time, ensuring that patients around the world receive the benefits of balneotherapy.

Image of homemade rocket

5. John Guest’s technology reaches new heights with the next generation

A more personal touch for this final story as a JG employee Geoff Saunders and his son Harrison developed a challenge for Upton Cubs in Slough.

Geoff is the assistant section leader at JG who developed a challenge to propel a plastic bottle rocket as far as possible, along with his son.

By using a John Guest 15mm stopdouble check valveSpeedfit pipe and car tyre valve they managed to send the rocket flying 80 feet. Well done!

We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before NASA gets in touch and they’ll be using John Guest to get man back on the moon!

Have you spotted or used Speedfit Technology recently? Get in touch with us and tell your story of how our unique technology allowed you to achieve your goals.

What uses will you find for Speedfit technology?

As we continue to innovate and expand our product range, we remain committed to providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Whether you're a plumber, an automotive manufacturer, a healthcare professional, or an agricultural expert, John Guest push-fit fittings offer the assurance of quality and performance that you can rely on.

Have you spotted or used JG Speedfit technology recently? Get in touch with us and tell your story of how our unique technology allowed you to achieve your goals.

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