Bending to your will: How flexi hoses can solve second-fix plumbing problems

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Overtime and stress are two words that plumbers know too well. In a survey by Watersafe, it was discovered that 54% of plumbers work more than 48 hours a week, with just 13% working the standard 35-40 hours.

However, simple changes to the materials you use could save you up to 40% time spent on installations. One perfect example is flexi-hoses and second fix plumbing. The flexible push-fit hoses give you more time to complete more jobs at a higher standard, and bring down stress levels dramatically.

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Copper pipes are too rigid

Long working hours coupled with the complexities of jobs can lead to severe impact on the health and wellbeing of plumbers. Copper pipes are one of the biggest culprits.

For example, to connect pipework behind a basin with copper pipes, you must measure, cut, bend and solder the pipes accurately to the taps. It can involve combatting issues such as soldering in tight spaces, fire and fume risk and shock absorption.

For second fix installations, using copper inevitably means spending a lot more time installing rigid systems that often bring no added benefit to the homeowner.

Watch How to make a JG Speedfit hand-tighten flexible hose tap connection on YouTube.

This is where push-fit flexi hoses come in…

JG Speedfit’s push-fit flexi hoses are ideal for connecting fixtures where the access is tight. They are also perfect for when bending the pipe to a precise fit can be difficult and time-consuming.

Flexi hoses are suitable for both hot and cold water applications. They can be bought in braided metal or white PVC. The white PVC flexi hoses are especially easy to clean, reduce kinking and are aesthetically pleasing.

With no tools required to make the connection, push-fit flexi hoses remove the need for hot works on site and tools in small places. Thus eliminating another procedure that would come with copper plumbing.

At Speedfit we offer the widest variety of push-fit flexi hoses in nearly 50 different combinations of size, end connections and lengths. We also offer a range of flexi hoses with built-in service valves, removing the need for installing an additional valve for water isolation.

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It’s more than just flexible

Not only do flexi hoses save you 40% on installation time, they also reduce vibration and water hammer related issues. These often arise with variable water pressure and rigid pipework. Don’t forget that most modern quarter turn taps go from full flow to off in matter of seconds causing water hammer in copper pipes.

Adopting flexible second-fix plumbing solutions ensures that installers provide a service which puts their wellbeing centre stage. Also it brings about an installation that is more flexible and makes maintenance easier for future plumbers and the end user.

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