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Smart TRV zoning in a busy workspace

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Project requirements:

Solve complex zoning problem in a busy office workspace with minimum disruption.

Established for over thirty years, Bendall & Osborne Heating is a family owned plumbing and heating contractor based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Predominantly working in the new build housing market, Bendall & Osborne specialise in domestic plumbing, heating and renewable technologies such as air source heat pumps and underfloor heating.

Bendall & Osborne have worked hard to maintain their excellent reputation and to develop strong relationships with their customers, which are the same qualities they expect from their suppliers. Having worked with JG Speedfit for over two decades, it was Speedfit they turned to when they experienced a heating issue at their own headquarters.

The project

One of the meeting rooms located on the ground floor was always cold and to temporarily resolve the issue Bendall & Osborne had been increasing the temperature in the entire building, resulting in the offices on the second floor becoming overheated whilst the meeting room on the ground floor remained cool.

Re-piping the heating so that the offices and meeting rooms were zoned separately was not an option as undertaking this work in an already busy working environment would have meant taking sections of the ceiling down to re-route the pipework, which in reality was too much inconvenience and expense.

Following an onsite consultation with Speedfit, the JG Aura Wireless Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) was identified as the best solution for individually controlling radiators. By combining the TRVs with a JG Aura Wireless Thermostat, Bendall & Osborne can easily control the time and temperature of individual radiators. Once a room reaches the desired temperature the TRV sends a signal, via the wireless thermostat, to switch the boiler off. With the system programmed to only heat occupied rooms at specified times it delivers considerable energy and cost savings, whilst ensuring a consistent level of heat throughout.

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Bendall & Osborne found the battery powered TRVs and the wireless thermostats quick and easy to install, as it needs no wiring or wet plumbing with the valves automatically adjusting to the existing radiator valves. In fact, it only took 10 minutes to fit the valves and complete the adaption process on all 6 radiators. Each room was fitted with a 230v mains powered JG Aura Wireless Thermostat, which was simple to wire with just two L&N connections per device. A JG Aura Boiler Receiver was fitted to communicate with the boiler.

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A seamless wireless network for individual radiator control

The JG Aura Coordinator was used to automatically pair all the components to the wireless network. This was achieved in a matter of seconds as the coordinator requires no wiring and is simply plugged into a mains socket. The thermostats were programmed into four independent heating zones enabling Bendall & Osborne to resolve the problematic heating in the meeting room without changing any pipework and disrupting the operation of their business.

The JG Aura TRV system was quickly and easily installed. We now have 4 independent heating zones and are able to fully control the temperatures in all of the offices and the previously problematic meeting room. This has proven to not only be a much more comfortable environment but a more energy efficient solution. Whilst there is a cost associated with the additional controls when taking into consideration the potential cost savings from not having to replace our existing plumbing system and the on going energy savings from this type of multi-zoned control; this system has and will continue to be an extremely good investment.

Rob Bendall, Director, Bendall & Osborne

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