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Preserving perfection: The art of wine cellar cooling solutions

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Project requirements:

Meeting the technical constraints of tailor-made wine cellar cooling units

Since 2004, Friax Industrie has been utilising their expertise to elevate the quality of wines. The company originated from a simple observation: existing cooling systems on the market inadequately resolved the various issues encountered by diverse cellar environments. Friax aspires to ensure the longevity of bottles of wine regardless of challenges, achieved through the creation of bespoke wine cellars equipped with state-of-the-art cooling units.

Friax Wine Cellar Unit

The project

In the realm of fine wines, the battle against sudden temperature fluctuations is paramount. Identifying the urgent need to address issues that impact the integrity and value of wine bottles is crucial for safeguarding against accelerated aroma degradation. The challenge lies in the diverse conditions that wine cellars could face – dampness damaging labels, excessive dryness compromising corks, and the consequent intrusion of air into the bottles. To resolve this, Friax dedicated its expertise to creating a solution that goes beyond conventional cooling systems.

The competitive edge of Friax hinges on its mastery of this pivotal component – cooling for cellar atmosphere control. By prioritising absolute precision in temperature and humidity regulation, Friax cements its position as a leader in the art of wine preservation. Over the years, Friax has been able to expand its range by developing tailor-made solutions for all cellar requirements.

Friax Wine Cellar Room

Our involvement

As each cellar is unique, Friax had to respond to the technical constraints affecting cooling units: difficulty of assembly, frequent dismantling, temperature problems and compatibility with refrigerants.

Consequently, they sought a partner with expertise to deliver a comprehensive solution to its challenges. This is where RWC, leveraging its John Guest Drinks Dispense products, emerged as an ideal collaborator.

By pioneering the world’s first plastic push-fit fitting in 1974 for compressed air, and subsequently the first food-grade push-fit fitting in the early 80s, John Guest is renowned worldwide for quality and the key role it has played in transforming a number of industries, including the cooling industry.

Drawing on this expertise, John Guest equipped Friaxs’ wine cellar conditioning units with its unique push-fit technology allowing for fast, simple, and secure connection and dismounting, without the need for tools or hot works.  As a result, Friax was able to design unique wine cellars with a perfectly controlled atmosphere thanks to their state-of-the-art cooling systems and John Guest’s quick connection technology.

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