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L'Unik Van

Creating comfortable, high-quality living spaces for converted vans

Project at a glance

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L'Unik Van
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Vigneux-De-Bretagne, France
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Project requirements:

Converted van plumbing that is reliable and easy to maintain

L’Unik Van was established in 2019 to realise the aspirations of two lifelong friends who shared a passion for mountains, wilderness and outdoor adventure. L’Unik Van converts everyday vans into high-end, custom-built recreational vehicles to meet the specific needs of their customers – be it family adventures, long road trips or sporting activities.

L'Unik Van - Internal shot of van seating area and kitchen

The project

To meet the evolving needs of the modern-day traveller, L’Unik Van’s custom-built vans perfectly blend practical use with mobile living, giving customers the freedom to explore the great outdoors at a slower and more comfortable pace. To meet their high-end design, L’Unik Van needed to equip the vans with a high-quality reliable plumbing solution.

L'Unik Van - Internal shot of van kitchen area

Our involvement

L’Unik Van’ sought to provide a comfortable and high-quality experience for their customers by installing a fully functional plumbing system in their vans. However, working in tight and awkward spaces with fluctuating pressures and temperatures created several installation challenges. To overcome these problems, John Guest’s robust push-fit fittings were selected to rapidly and easily connect the expansion vessels and thermostatic mixing valves, without the need for tools or hot works. The fittings can also be dismounted by hand making it a truly versatile solution for this type of application.

As a result, L’Unik Van was able to design vans with a safe, reliable and comfortable plumbing solution, so customers could go out and fully enjoy their outdoor pursuits.

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