20K cash prize to help Gloucester-based plumber get back on the tools

Speedfit 20 Grand in Your Hand Winner

Braden Hockley, a Gloucester-based plumber, has been announced as the winner of a long-running competition by JG Speedfit.

Braden, who has spent 13 years as a qualified plumber, was picked from over tens of thousands of entrants of the “20 Grand in Your Hand” competition run by JG Speedfit.

I use the JG Speedfit products all the time and really needed some luck so figured if I’m in it, I could win it! I was driving home from a job when I received a call from Mike Riseley, Sales Director at JG Speedfit. I was so shocked when I received the call as I’ve never won anything in my life. My wife didn’t even believe me at first!”

Braden Hockley, winner of JG Speedfit 20 Grand in your Hand

Self-employed, Braden has faced significant difficulty in recent times due to a knee injury which has hindered his ability to kneel and bend down – an issue faced by many installers across the industry.

He explained how he will use the prize money: “I will use some money to pay for my knee surgery, which will help me to return to pain-free working for years to come. With the rest, I plan to buy new front door because the existing one has air gaps, and this will become a nightmare during the winter months as cold air will seep through it!”

Braden has used JG Speedfit for the entirety of his plumbing career and put his preference down to the products’ ability to make installations quick, easy and reliable.

JG Speedfit 20 Grand in your hand winner Braden Hockley receiving prize

“I have used JG Speedfit since day one of my plumbing career as they are really well engineered products that I can rely on. Layflat pipe is my ultimate hero, as it has really helped in making central heating installations simple and effective. Flexible pipework also means you can complete retrofit projects in record time.

“Tool free tap connectors for baths are my second favourite as they really help with making a connection in tight spaces or where the access is difficult!”

JG Speedfit launched the 26-week promotional campaign involving its best-selling product, the 15mm Equal Elbow, back in April.

JG Speedfit 20 grand in your hand coffee banner

The elbows, which are often sold as single units across the counter at stockists, were made available in specially packaged multipacks of ten. Each pack had a unique code, allowing installers to enter the competition.

In addition to the £20,000 prize, installers were entered into a monthly Speedfit Tech Bundle draw, to show JG Speedfit’s commitment to technology. Each bundle was worth over £1,000 and six monthly bundles were given away during the course of the campaign, these included gadgets like an Apple iPhone 8 (64GB), an LG 49” 4K HDR Smart TV and a PS4 Pro Games Console.

The story of Braden and his resilience to get back on the job personifies the hard-work carried out by installers across the country. The 20 Grand in Your Hand promotion was a real success and a brilliant way to offer additional rewards to our loyal customers.”

Mike Riseley , Sales Director of JG Speedfit