RWC launches new and improved JG Speedfit and John Guest packaging

Collective photo of our new John Guest and Speedfit packaging bags

UK, July 2023 – Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC), the world’s largest manufacturer of push-fit fittings and water control valves, officially launches its new and improved packaging across our JG Speedfit and John Guest range.

When embarking on the packaging rebrand RWC had two objectives: namely being more environmentally friendly and making product identification easier.

At RWC, we recognise that climate action is imperative. We acknowledge that, as part of the manufacturing community we carry a responsibility to evolve our practices and embed sustainability as a core concept throughout our value chain, integrate it into our business strategies, and purposefully thread it into our cultural fabric.

Through extensive research RWC’s packaging has been reassessed making the product bags fully recyclable with a minimum of 30% post-consumer or post recyclate. The packaging features eco-friendly labelling in the form of resin identification codes (RICs) predominantly using low density polyethylene with RIC Symbol 4 to assist recycling plants to identify the packaging during the sorting process. The use of virgin plastic was eliminated internally and in 2022, 28 tonnes of packaging waste was converted into new packaging.

As a business we believe that our rebranded packaging will have a positive impact for our customers and on the environment as we progress to using more eco-friendly materials. By living our shared Values, we have simplified our packaging design, making it more versatile for our customers. The success of our rebranded packaging launch will see the businesses’ carbon footprint significantly reduced, highlighting our commitment to people and our planet. I believe that together we are a force for innovation, doing what we believe will strengthen our integrity to enable the business to deliver on our promises

John Kerr, Marketing and Commercial Excellence Director, EMEA

In today’s competitive market, offering customers products that are quick and simple to identify will make their shopping experience easier.  The newly designed packaging for the push-fit technology range will give customers a clearer, holistic view of the brand. Changes to the design include bold brand colours, a viewing window for easy product identification, a clearer product description and guarantee statement, as well as a yellow roundel indicating the product size. The dimensions of the bags remain unchanged.

To minimise carbon emissions, packaging is obtained from both local and national UK sources. In addition, RWC’s family of brands will build a plan to act on our carbon footprint which will include initiating an engagement programme that will assist us with identifying and prioritising the most important suppliers to engage on decarbonisation and scale the impact of our emissions reduction programme.

RWC’s sustainability goals

RWC is committed to playing a role towards the global ‘net zero’ strategy 2050.

To find out more about RWC’s sustainability goals click below to view the companies Environmental, Social, and Governance Report.