240v Wired and RF Programmable Thermostats

JG Underfloor Controls 240v Wired and RF Programmable Thermostat - Black
JG Underfloor Controls 240v Wired and RF Programmable Thermostat - White
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Wireless RF programmable room thermostat for underfloor heating

JG Underfloor Controls 240v wired and RF programmable thermostat is a stylish and simple way to control wet underfloor heating systems.

The thermostat is mains-powered but communicates with the JG Underfloor Controls RF wiring centre via a radio signal to provide heat to an individual room and to remove the need for further wiring. Its user-friendly interface makes adjusting and programming temperatures fast and simple.

Ideal for new builds and renovations, the back plate is fitted before decorating begins and the front plate is installed once work is completed to avoid any damage. Designed to suit a standard pattress box, the thermostat is also ideal when replacing an existing thermostat.

When used with the JG Underfloor Controls gateway and app, underfloor heating can be remotely controlled on the go.

Features and benefits

  • Mains-powered RF programmable thermostat that is easy to install and set up
  • 7-day programme, 15-minute increments and 6 on/off periods for optimal comfort and control
  • Ambient temperature sensor with an optional connection for an external probe to protect against excessive heat
  • Radio signalling to the RF wiring centre saves cost on cabling and eliminates damage and disruption caused by additional wiring
  • Open Window function detects sudden temperature drops to prevent the boiler from firing up and wasting energy
  • Adaptive function predicts heat up times and adjusts programming to eliminate temperature spikes
  • Freeze Protection function reduces energy-wastage in unused rooms and is adjustable between 5-17°C
  • Holiday function maintains low-level heating when the home is unoccupied
  • Heating Boost function boosts heat for 1-9 hours in the event of low temperatures
  • Anti-seize function prevents the UFH pump from seizing during low-usage months
  • Free smart app for controlling underfloor heating on the go
  • Compatible with Alexa or Google Home voice control
  • Meets Boiler Plus requirements
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